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Was this infomercial kind of a relief?

Asked by Val123 (12684points) June 20th, 2010

I was making deviled eggs in the kitchen when it came on. It was for some work out thing. They kept stressing that it wouldn’t be easy, and you’d be working your butt off. They said, “We’ll push you as far as you can go….and then push you further. You will hurt!

I felt like, “AT LAST! Someone is telling the TRUTH!!” You can’t lose weight “easily.” You can’t get into superior shape “easily.” If you really, really want something, you gotta work it hard.

Then, the very next one was a get-in-shape commercial for women. And it was all about, “I can’t believe how easy it was!”

Nothing’s free.

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All commercial weight loss programs have a common denominator…you’re going to pay for it in strenuous exercise and out of your weight loss war chest.

You can lose weight…but, the old fashion way. More exercise, healthy diet. Oh, and good attitude.

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The rules are simple: eat healthy, eat less, exercise more. It is hard work turning around years of body abuse. Keep your eye on the goal. Be proud.
Save your money. GoodWill is full of exercise machines that only functioned as clothes racks.

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I think that honesty can go a long way when selling things. So many things are pointless and gadgety…and those comercials that are just repetitive- that makes me want to just turn off the tv, not buy the product!

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@worriedguy LOL! Yeah. Who would pay some one $120 to tell them to work hard, when they can figure that out for free!

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At least they were honest. It is hard work. But, no one really needs a product to work out with. Go walking with a friend, fill up 2 liter bottles with water and freeze’em.

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Marketing is a double edged sword.
The product might have some merit. But, without all the fluff, no one is interested.

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@py_sue But walking will never get you in “peak” physical condition, which is what people really want….but don’t want to actually work for it.

@ChazMaz Conga Rats on 20K! Haven’t had a chance to crash the party yet! In this case, I think the concept has merit. The “product” itself, no. As far as I could tell, just by listening to it from the kitchen, It’s just a $120 DVD of some guy yelling at you…..shoot. Hey! I know! Hire me! I’ll yell at you for half the price!

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It’s certainly a novel approach; that alone gets it points. We start ignoring ease-of-use tactics when we realize that they don’t work, and that’s the argument that most ads make.

The most effective fitness program I’ve ever implemented was cart-wrangling for Sam’s Club. Hours of walking, pushing, pulling, and lifting. It wasn’t physically easy, but I never had to worry about gym memberships or skipping a session because I didn’t feel like going.

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