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Did you find out later in life that your favorite cartoon was all lies?

Asked by DWW25921 (6420points) June 9th, 2014

If Wile E. Coyote had enough money to buy all that ACME stuff, why didn’t he just buy dinner? Apparently, Acme was a pretty diverse company…

Coyotes actually run a lot faster than roadrunners ever could.

Roadrunners are actually rather small and one would never be enough to feed a coyote.

You can tell I’m a little traumatized by the fact I’ve cited the fire out of this question… Apparently, the roadrunner cartoon is just a parody of “Cat & Mouse” type cartoons. It doesn’t stop the pain…

So, were you ever shocked by childhood beliefs that turned out to be all lies? Incidentally, no one has disproved The Doctor, so I’m still clinging to that one.

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The original Tom and Jerry always depicts Jerry as a hero, but if you analyze the cartoons a bit, you can see that there is time when he is a total dick and doesn’t deserve winning at all.

And sometimes the cartoons alter the logic just to let Jerry win, in a ridiculous way (there is one cartoon that show Jerry jumps on a mousetrap several time unharmed, and before that Tom put a feather on the mousetrap and it shuts. Wow! Just wow!)

Tom is always depicted as a bad guy, but there are actually time when he is a victim.

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No. My favorite was George of the Jungle and Super Chicken and they never let me down.

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And worst of all, how much you wanna bet road runners don’t go MEEP MEEP, either?

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George of the Jungle is truly a timeless classic! Not to brag but I have it on VHS tape… Old copies are better than no copies! :)

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One had to suspend disbelief to watch those cartoons anyway. How did Wily Coyote live after falling off cliffs repeatedly, being blown up and otherwise wiped out a million times?

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I was a little crushed when I figured out that on Scooby Do the ghost was always the person who showed the gang around town. They weren’t great at solving mysteries at all, they were just following a pattern.

I did lose respect for the entire group especially Velma – I expected more from her fairly early on when I realized that even though Scooby and Shaggy got scared and messed things up every time, they always sent them out together in search of the ghost. The groups should have been Freddie and Velma and Daphne, Scooby, and Shaggy, it would have been much more efficient.

I was also bummed when I looked and noticed that my parents didn’t use their feet to get the car moving and there wasn’t a bird wearing a beret and using a hammer and chisel inside my Polaroid camera.

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I hear that Speedipus rex is not even real Latin. Sheesh.

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I sort of figured that both Pinochio and Peter Pan were flawed depitctions of reality. But I was 6 or 7 when they showed up. The messages of the 2 films contradicted one another. One was about the horrific trouble one faced by leaving (running away from) home, while the other stated that you were better off if you avoided all responsibility, refused to grow up, and ran away from home at the earliest opportunity. When you think about it, you might as well plan your life based on cartoon realities. They are at least as reliable a roadmap to the future as the more touted fountains of wisdom.

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Growing up, my favorite cartoon was Bullwinkle and Rocky. The never lied to me.

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Of course it’s all lies, all my fave toons have animals in that talk & can solve crimes, catch the bad guys.
You don’t think of that shit when you’re watching as a kid & when you grow up, it doesn’t matter, they’re still cool & kinda untouchable when it comes to criticism.

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The Warner Bros roadrunner is a genetically modified, super roadrunner. Wile E is an obsessive compulsive who just has to have this genetically modified dinner, at all costs.

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@ucme I would assume Danger Mouse is one of your favorites? That was a great show!

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@DWW25921 Have you seen how Wile E., ACME, and the Roadrunner worked out? Epilog here

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@DWW25921 I have no interest in your ass fumes &...oh I see what you mean now, yes, DM rocks :)

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@LuckyGuy I guess I have closure now…

@ucme Banana man was right after DM… Good times…

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@DWW25921 Voiced by Graeme Garden of The Goodies fame & then there was SuperTed.
DM a class apart though, David Jason & Terry Scott were just genius.

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There were some good ones. :)

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One time I was watching Bugs Bunny, and he threw a black circle on the ground and he jumped into it. I asked my mom to make a black circle for me and she did. I remember spending 10 minutes getting up the nerve to jump. I finally took a deep breath and jumped! Now I’m kinda glad it didn’t work. No telling where the hell I would have ended up!

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