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Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Asked by Facade (22902points) June 22nd, 2010

Cat people-What do you love about cats? What do you dislike about dogs?

Dog people- What do you love about dogs? What do you dislike about cats?

Yay cat people!

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Although I like both (I like all animals really), I am a dog person through and through.

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My dog likes to eat cats.

Cats don’t like that idea.

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I like all animals, but am a cat person much more so than a dog person.

Cats are quiet, clean, amusing, lovable and quite self sufficient.

Dogs are loud, sloppy, slurpy and smelly, and… the most high maintainence over and above horses, and just about anything else except parrots. lol

I have had dogs in my past but am not into owning a dog anymore, too much work.

I just adopted a new pair of 10 month old siamese….they are tons of fun and use a cat door to come and go as they please on my very private property.

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“Dogs are loud, sloppy, slurpy and smelly,”

Who you calling slurpy?

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I’m a cat person to the core. But I love animals. I love dogs and cats… I just like cats a lot more.

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i grew up with both, then always had a pup until we had to put her to sleep. i have since had cats, and have grown to become a cat person but i don’t like all cats… i pretty much love all dogs. i can’t wait to have a bigger place and be able to have both!! :)

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I like all animals, but I am a cat person at heart. I will always have a cat, but I can live without other animals.

I can’t say one animal is better than the other. Cats and dogs are different kinds of pets and they meet different needs and desires regarding what one wants from a companion animal.

To me, dogs require much more work and energy. I would want to give a dog the best life possible. And that isn’t possible at this point in time.

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I like my cat and my dog. They are such characters, they helped me to overcome my I don’t really care about animals much attitude. It helps when they are smart and responsive like my two guys, Cairo and Bing.

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Well…if the slurpy fits…haha

Seriously I have had years of wiping wet dog feet and water bowl slurp puddles and barking at midnight….cats rule, dogs drool! ;-)

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Cats are love, packed in fur.
Dogs are packed in fur.

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I have no preference, really. I like both of them, but in the house growing up, we never had cats for more than a few weeks. We had dogs for years, and they’d eventually get ahold of the cats and I’ll let your imagination take it from there.

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LMAO! ;-)

Yep, I often tell dogs I meet…’ You are a dog, you were born a dog and you will live as a dog and you will die a dog! ’ haha

One of my favorite past times with the neighborhood country dogs that go wandering out here where I live is to pull up next to them on the road and tell them…’ BAD DOG GO HOME! ’ The looks and running away are priceless…BUSTED you bad dog you!

Once..there were 3 dogs…when I said this…one ran away immediately, the other just lay down and played dumb, and the third groweld at me! Dogs….pain in the ass….hahaha

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I’m technically a cat person. They’re cleaner, require less attention and are much quieter. However, if I had time and a yard big enough for a dog to run in, I’d definitely be a dog person.

Big dog. Not some yappy rat dog.

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Kitty >^.^<

I love cats so much, but don’t get me wrong, I love dogs too ^.^ I have always been a cat person, but it could be because I grew up having my own cat.

When I do get a kitten again I would love a little beige one who I would name Waffle <3

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I love cats, and have a strong dislike for dogs.
Cats are loving and friendly, but independent when they need to be. They keep themselves clean and don’t make messes in general. They aren’t terribly loud the majority of the time, either.
Dogs are clingy and require too much attention and work. They lick and drool on everything in sight and they stink. Dogs bark loudly and whine. They make big messes and need to be let out or walked. I also have terrible allergies and dog fur generally traps more allergens from being taken outside.

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I go both ways…..
Dogs show unconditional love…..
while you have to crawl and beg your cat to notice your existence.

i’m more allergic to meowmakers.

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I’m a dog person.
You can’t take cats on hikes with you. Most of them won’t go swimming with you. In my experience, cats don’t like to play and cuddle as much as all of the dogs I’ve had.
I’ve also noticed that when you call a dog, he comes to you, but when you call a cat, you’re the one who ends up going to it, which is really fucking annoying. Ahaha.
Dogs, in my opinion, are just more personable and friendly.

I really, really want a Great Dane, so until a cat can grow that large, I’ll remain a dog person.

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<———- Cat person. better lap fit, no face licking.

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I’m allergic to both, but my allergic reaction to cats is much worse than my reaction to dogs. Regardless of my allergy, I like the interaction with dogs better and will always be a dog person.

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I’m an equal opportunity animal person.

I have a dog & 2 cats. They think we are a pack. They often share the big pillow on the floor. (Only I call it a dog pillow.)

If I could only choose to live with 1 animal only, I’d choose a dog. I don’t think that makes me more of a dog person—it’s just that never once have the cats urged me to get outside & go for a walk. :)

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I prefer dogs as companion animals. They really seem to like me as well.

While I prefer dogs, I have never met a cat that did not take to me. I like cats but they seem to tolerate people. Dogs really seem to want to please their people.

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When I was a kid we only had dogs (siblings had allergies) but as an adult, I’ve always had both. They have very different but wonderful attributes. We currently have two of each: Spencer and Bailey, the dogs, and Thomas and Buddy, the cats. They all get along well, each have a unique personality and I love them all. See ya…..Gary/wtf

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I love dogs and If I could only have one type of pet they would be my choice.

However, my Christmas Eve kitty (not named Jesus as I had threatened) has captured a special place in my heart…and lap. My other cat is indifferent to whether or not I love her, as long a the feed dish is always full.

What I don’t like about cats is their predatory drive. For some reason I just don’t appreciate the half dead mouse my kitty insists on bringing me every night. i must look hungry

What I don’t like about dogs is….the sad fact that their life spans make it very likely that we will be facing the loss of many furry friends in the span of our own lives.

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Growing up I’ve had dogs, cats, mice, ferrets, turtles, fish, tadpoles… the list goes on. When I was young, I was the dog person, my older sister the cat person. I don’t know why; I guess it was just decided, the same way that, when getting dolls as presents, my sister usually got Caucasian dolls, and I got African American ones. o_O

Over time, though, I’ve definitely grown to be a cat person. I love dogs, but not all dogs. Certain small dogs with their incessant yapping annoys me; however, I tend to get angry at the owners for that, not the dogs themselves, since it’s the owners who let their dogs yap all the time.

Cats are smaller without making annoying, ear-piercing noises, they’re fuzzy and soft, without a bad “animal” smell (at least all my cats have been), and they can sleep with you without taking up the entire bed.

I’d like to have both cats and dogs when I have my own house and family, but I simply cannot see myself without a cat in my life.

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I’ve never had a cat. But I don’t need things getting sick and/or dying on me. Although I admit to getting a Lot of laughter and fun from our two dogs. Not so sure pets are a good idea….until I look into her eyes.

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@Aster I was just with my boyfriend at the vet this morning as he put down the cat he has had for 14 years (he’s almost 21). It was heartbreaking for him to see her go, but those 14 years for my boyfriend (as well as all the years with the many pets I’ve had in the past) were amazingly worth all the cost and pain.

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I like them both very much :) I have two cats and a dog and they are just great!

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Okay…well..I get bonus points for geese. lol

I always say that my Chinese gander ‘Marwyn’ is the best ‘dog’ I have ever had.

Loyal, devoted, follows me everywhere, alerts me when a stranger comes ont the property, and…no one ever calls and say’s ‘Your goose just ran my horse into a fence.’ hahaha

We have many happy moments especially in the summer, like now.

I have a couple of cold Coronas on the deck and Marwyn gets a salad and ice water in the Corona bucket! And…the big event is when I am draining the hot tub and he gets to go in the ’ big, big tubby! ’ should see the look on his face! haha

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In our home we have 2 dogs (bicon/maltese X & a chihuahua). I couldn’t imagine my life without them. They certainly are little companions and I feel like a team. Call me crazy but I love that I get followed around everywhere and begged for love – makes me feel special.

We have a cat too but he hates me. I have no clue why but the cat doesn’t really like women for some reason. We tolerate each other at most and I admit I get great pleasure in watching my dogs antagonise him * giggle *.

At Christmas time, I thought I would be nice and feed the cat some crayfish. When I tried to give the piece of fish to him, he attacked me – both front legs AND back legs with claws and all. I was bleedy and teary… vowing to be eternal arch enemies.

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prefer dogs, but love cat also! acutally, any animal!

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Hahaha! Whaddya reckon, eh?


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show me a person that loves animals and i’ll show you a nice person!

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I like both, but much prefer cats.
They are so much easier to take care of, they are so snuggly, so soft and cute (dogs can be this as well).
I do love dogs, but I don’t like the huge commitment that comes with them. Yes, cats need care as well, but you can go on vacation and leave them for two days..can’t do that with a dog.

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I am a cat person through and through but also have a soft spot in my heart for dogs. Cats are cunning and independent – my two still meet me at the door when I come home and follow me around the house and snuggle with me at night. Can’t beat the love they give, and the independent personalities.

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I am a dog person however I have had some great cats. At the moment we have two dogs and a cat and two barn cats. They are all such personalities. I enjoy their differentness. I do not like the dogs when they fart or roll in the horse pee or a dead thing in one of the fields and I do not like the cat when he brings a live (or ½ dead) mouse up on the bed. Really they are great fun and do not do the afore mentioned things often. They save it for when we have guests !

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I have no dislike of dogs (we have two border collies), but my real affinity is for cats, especially my two Persians. They’re likable but not submissive-dependent. A cat will let you know exactly what is on her mind.

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I really like dogs :) I don’t know why, but maybe it’s because most of them are cute.
I think cats are mean :/ and they can’t love you like a dog will love you
anyway I don’t have any pets now

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I am a dog person. My two beautiful Lhasa Apsos are my family members. They just look at you with those eyes and I melt!! They are loyal, loving and don’t ask for much. They always want to be around you and be part of your life.
I am NOT a cat person, although I am obliged to share my life with cats. They continually insist on doing their mess in my garden and dig up my plants and vegetables. If I wanted a cat then I would have bought my own. I don’t want someone elses cat!

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GA’s everyone!
I’m a cat person. They and I share a similar personality. Dogs are too rambunctious for me.
We just got the OK from our landlord to adopt a kitten after a month of waiting! I’m so excited =D

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Ops! I’m late. Anyway,I’ll still give my answer here.

I’m a cat person. I like cat but not all cats(breed). My favorite would be oriental breeds like Siamese and Burmese(for their affectionate personality and easy to care short fur) but I don’t really like the Persian/Exotic breed due to its careless-adamant personality.

I don’t dislike dog. Just like cat,I like dog but not all dogs. My favorite would be Chinese Crested(It’s so unique),Pekingese,Lhasa Apso,Yorkshire Terrier,and many others. Other breed like Pitbull,Bulldog,Doberman,and many other larger breeds won’t be in my list.

And I’m also glad for your new kitten! Congratulation anyway!.

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Without a shadow of a doubt I am a dog person but I still like cats.

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Cat person.

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One of the little darlings peed on my clothes last night. Maybe I should start to reconsider my cat person status. I was playing with nextdoor neighbors puppies. perhaps they smelled it and got jealous?

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hahaha… two new cats have started their 4 a.m. wrestling matches on my head in bed. lol

Everything comes with it’s drawbacks!

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I love my cats. They never do those bad kitty things.

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my ex-wife said i was a dog!

So, i guess i’m a dog person!

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@BoBo1946 Yes but a cute one :-)))))))

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I’m totally a cat person. I just don’t like how needy dogs can be. Cats are like a potted plant that loves on you.

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@partyparty ahhh shucks MsP!

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@BoBo1946 – my dog’s name is Shpanky! LOL

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Cats for sure. My cats are my children. I just like their personalities and their easy-living attitudes. :) They’re generally much more relaxed and easier to have around than are dogs, who are too needy for my liking.
Also, dogs smell ew. And cats are TONS cuter, for me – no dog can compete. :)

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