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What are some creative surprises that I can do for my Grandma's 90th bday party?

Asked by dans85 (109points) February 21st, 2007
There will be a photo montage, and the party itself is a surprise, but I wanted to put together something meaningful and clever for her from all the grandkids.
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write a spoof song and sing it all together. y'all will be blushing from embarassment, but she will love it.
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i think we've used out the spoof song's welcome due to multiple bar-mitzvahs in recent years...
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what about using iMovie to make your own mini-"this is your life" documentary with all her friends and family commenting? This could be a lot of work, but creative and fun. Or, a book where each grandkid writes a one-page letter to can bind the book yourself as an artsy project, or have it bound at Kinkos.
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My mother came up with her own idea for her 85th birthday. She asked all of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to write her a short letter recounting a memorable experience between her and the relative. She kept those letters until she died. And it made the rest of us zero in on a lovely memory. She was a very wise woman!
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I second peggylou's recommendation. It would be a lovely idea to get all the grandkids to write something - a memory, a story, a special remembrance - that you could put together as a small book that she could keep & look over again & again. If you're looking for questions or a place to start, I actually wrote a little something about this topic that you can find here:
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It not only will mean something special to your grandmother, but once she's gone, it will be invaluable to those she leaves behind to remember what she was like & the impact she had on your lives.
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Or try this link instead since the other one isn't working:
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Just having a get together, a big family dinner with all the children and grandchildren think would make her very happy. We love you Grandama!!

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