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What is so special about menthol? All other flavored cigarettes were banned and yet they are exempt?

Asked by NeroCorvo (1231points) June 23rd, 2010

I will admit to being slightly bitter about the loss of vanilla smokes but I understand the principal behind the ban. What I fail to understand is why they still allow menthol (mint) flavor when all the rest are gone.

Menthol certainly fits the criteria of making the taste more appealing and thus would attract minors. So why was it spared?

And yes- I posted this in social so no restrictions on answers. Say what ever you wish about it.

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I think menthol was “grandfathered” in.

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I’m not exactly sure why they gave menthol a pass when they banned flavored cigarettes, but I did read that they are in the process of reviewing information about menthol cigarettes and will be deciding whether to ban them as well or just put more restrictions on their marketing. The final recommendation from the committee doing the research isn’t due until March 2011 though, so who knows what will happen between now and then. (Source)

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I don’t know about flavored cigarettes in general, but I do remember when they banned the Camels that came in the metal tins. The reasoning was that the fruit flavors would attract attention.

And yet… There’s plenty of fruit flavored alcohol on the market. Still.

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It’s an all out bare-knuckled legal fight – catch as catch can. Consistency is not to be expected at this stage. All aspects are the thin edge of some wedge.

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Tobacco companies are still very powerful, insofar as they can bribe members pf congress with campaign donations. There is a huge demand for mentholated cigarettes especially in the African American community, and mentholated cigarettes are thought to appeal to young people, thus assuring a continuous source of addicts.

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My guess would be because most big tobacco companies have menthol flavored cigs. Not so much for other fruit flavors and what not. Big tobacco has a lot of money to throw around.

i miss my cloves :(

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Cuz’ menthol sucks. ~

No, really… it doesn’t make sense to me either. Are they going to ban citrus flavored beer? Wine, because it’s made with yummy grapes? The whole thing seems ridiculous to me. Why not just card, as they do for alcohol sales?

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If it helps any, there seems to be a certain fairly large vocal minority demographic who tends to prefer menthol cigarettes.

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