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Are you a big cuddler?

Asked by Jude (32112points) June 23rd, 2010

Do forgive me, it’s 2:30 in the a.m. here and as Faithless would say “I can’t get no sleep”. What I need right now is my woman to cuddle/snuggle/ fall asleep with. I’m a huge cuddler and find that it calms me down/makes me feel relaxed.

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Fellas, it’s okay to be big cuddlers.

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Absolutely – long ago, I thought I wasn’t but with the right person aka Alex, I totally am – instead of cuddle, we call it nuggie because we’re cheesy dorks.

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@jjmah I haven’t slept for nights. I’ll cuddle, but I tend to twitch. Hope you don’t mind. I may leave fingerprints.ask Jon if you don’t believe me ;)

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@jjmah ah, I can handle it, lol. Cuddle on in.

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Getting sleepy.

Nighty-night, ladies.

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I love cuddling. I haven’t been able to cuddle with my husband in over 5 months and that is one of the things I’m looking forward to the most when he gets home.

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I love to cuddle but I don’t get to do it often enough because I have to sleep in a chair.

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i like to cuddle…....

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Yes. Cuddling is teh awesome. :)

Cuddling with my boyfriend is one of the best things I can think of and I am not exaggerating. :D

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I’m such a huge cuddler that I get sad when I can’t do it. And now I’m sad. :(

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Yes I love to cuddle, either with my SO or my lovely dogs. Wonderful

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We were big cuddlers, although we called it se blottir. The love radiated between us. Alas, no longer, except with my two cats.

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My arms are always open! But they always seem to get away ;-)

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Up until the point that I actually have to sleep. I can’t do both.

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I don’t greet everyone I know with a cuddle but I love nothing more than to cuddle up to my fella!

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Honestly, I’m really not.
And perhaps it’s because I haven’t found the right person yet. I’m not sure.
But I don’t like people in my space or touching me for prolonged periods of time. It just bugs me.
Although, that changes when I drink. I want to cuddle with everyone when I drink, but if not, I’m just not much of a touchy-feely person.
Although, it is really nice to feel that safe and comforting feeling every once in a while.

I mean, I can like cuddling, but it just really depends on the person, how drunk I am and if they’ve had a shower. XD

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Haven’t gotten to for a while, but I definitely enjoyed it when I did. It felt great to be that connected to someone. Having always kept my three feet of personal space whenever possible, and reacting badly to those who violated it, I found it something precious to feel someone could be trusted to come inside this field and therefore allow me inside theirs.

That said , other people need to get the hell off me.

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I used to love to cuddle, but it’s been so long that I get really jumpy when anyone touches me at all. What I would really like is for someone to take a walk with me, and hold my hand. That hasn’t happened since my daughter was 9 years old, and I miss the connectivity.

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oh yes, i’m a lifetime cuddler!

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I’m twitchy. I’ll fall asleep in cuddle mode, but that’ll end within an hour.

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Hmmm…I’m more of a medium-sized cuddler.snickers

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It’s so intimate and enjoyable. Especially when no one is around.

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I love to cuddle, but I’m not too big. Tallish, but thin.

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What is cuddling? Is hugging cuddling? Hugging standing up? Or only lying down? Is spooning cuddling? Does cuddling involve looking in eyes or does it exclude that? Can you cuddle face to face, or do you have to be facing in the same direction? How much body contact must there be before it counts as cuddling? Does location affect what counts as cuddling (say—hand holding might be cuddling in bed, but not when walking down a road)? If cuddling leads to sex, is it still cuddling? Must cuddling always be non-sexual?

Should this be a question in its own right?

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Woah, you can tell that I was sleepy. I was talking to myself in my last comment up there.

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@w. Spooning on the couch, lying down, perhaps, on the ground, eye gazing, leg raising (and resting on top of your her legs), kisses on the nape, arms drape.. over her hips, turn her head slightly and kiss her lips.


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I’d say I’m a moderate cuddler. I get into cuddly moods, but overall, I like sleep space. In the summer I like to cuddle even less. I don’t like to be crowded and hot. I’d rather rub my husband’s shoulders or something.

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umm..Futher has a “Cuddle Shop!” Lot of cuddlers!

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I want to cuddle with all of you.

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I can’t remember.

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I’m a licensed professional cuddler. ;)

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@jjmah This sounds like foreplay—or it could be. Is that what it is to you? Or is cuddling most definitely not foreplay?

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I love to cuddle. I could do it for days!

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I was doing a little rhyming up there. ;-)

For me, most times it’s just for comfort (whilst with my partner). Toss in a tender kiss and perhaps, stroking her hair.. here and there.. Other times, yes, it leads to sex.

Cuddling, though; I’m down for a friendly, platonic cuddle with a good friend.

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I was just thinking about this while waking up this morning! Yes, yes, yes, I am a devoted fan of cuddling.

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I’m a huge cuddler and a touchy-feely person in general. My boyfriend will gladly cuddle with me while watching TV, in bed, etc., but he isn’t big on hand-holding. I always initiate it, and when I called him out on it, he said he never thinks to do it…and that I sometimes do it at odd times, like when I’m driving :P. But hey, I can’t help it. I like touching!

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Not really, no. I cannot sleep with anybody touching me; I need space. So, we spoon until my wife falls asleep then I move over. My wife usually lays her head on my lap when we are watching TV or just hanging out and I play with her hair, but no real noodling.

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<big hug> Yes I am but have no yummy to cuddle :-( ...and it suppresses the nervous system too apparently…which is supposedly why it is so comforting…

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as long as it doesn’t interfere with my sleepy time!

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I am. He’s not. Therefore, we don’t. :(

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@tedibear That’s so sad. :(

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@ubersiren – Yes, it is. It has an unfortunate side effect. (Beyond a desire for cuddling) When I hug anyone, I have to be careful to not hug them for too long! I need to remember that just because I’m cuddle/hug deprived doesn’t mean it’s acceptable for me to glom onto them! Except babies. They don’t seem to mind!

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Babies, and pets. I know plenty of cats and dogs that can’t ever get enough of the cuddling.

Aaand I just realised what this implies combined with this dog persona I’m using here. No, that’s not what I meant.
Not that it’s far from the truth.

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@tedibear it has more than one side effect. It can also cause you to become sad and/or nervous I think. ))-:

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Dam!… another one slipped through ;-/ lol………

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It’s cuddle time (my bedtime)! Pile on in!

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Genevive and I used to make a “Meg” sandwich.We were the “bread”.

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@FyriusI had a cat who was a cuddler. Sadly, the two we have now aren’t. I think it’s time for a third cat!

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Naked cuddling FTMFW!

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@bob, fine, but you’re not going to be behind me. :)

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@tedibear My cats are both cuddlers, but with lap space for only one, it leads to conflicts. Fortunately my niece is a good cat-cuddler too.

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@jjmah Aww, but that’s my favorite position!

* puppy eyes *

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Bring on the cuddles. I love cuddling.

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