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What is a good RPG for Xbox 360?

Asked by JesusWasAJewbot (1510points) June 24th, 2010

Ive been wanting to play a console RPG for a while and cant think of anything good to play on Xbox 360. Ive already played Fallout 3, Final Fantasy 13 and Oblivion so those are out and i also really dont like Mass Effect so i wouldnt consider those either.

So far ive been looking at : Dragon Age, Eternal Sonata, Tales of Vesperia, Lost Odyssey and Star Ocean.

Has anyone ever played any of these?

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What is RPG?

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+1 for Dragon Age. Some of the characters are really great/memorable. It’s well-done and worth playing.

@UScitizen RPG = Role Playing Game.

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Dragon Age Origins is great. The storyline can be taken in so many different directions. The characters are well distinguished as well. Make sure you get the Awakening expansion, too.

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I’ve seen good reviews for Fable II. You might want to give that a try.

I personally didn’t like Dragon Age. I played it on the PC, and the battle mechanics annoyed the hell out of me. (I’m not a big fan of micromanaging team members.) I think the combat in the console versions are more limited, so that could be welcoming to some. Either way, it’s still a great RPG based on recent reviews.

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The Mass Effect series.

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Star Ocean, for at leas the PSP, didn’t get me all that excited.

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Eternal Sonata is really pretty, and innovative…at first. Then it just marches down the beaten path of clich├ęs which characterizes RPG’s way too much…I’d go with tales of Vesperia, it’s got great gameplay, or Star Ocean, if you want this big project.
I haven’t played Dragon Age, but it does seem mighty interesting to me.

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Fable I if you haven’t played it it’s for the original Xbox but it’s one of my favorite RPGs. After that you gotta check Fable II out. You also might like Bioshock the gameplay is similar to Fallout 3

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Why is Battlefield: Bad Company 2 not an RPG? I ask because my suggestion was removed.
Considered “unhelpful” when it answered the question.
I see it as Role Playing Game. As do they.

Only game I play on my XBox360.

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My personal choice is Elder Scrolls series; the last one being Oblivion. That and Dragon Age are great. I love open-ended non-linear game play when it comes to RPGs. I grew up playing the Ultima series (started with Ultima III: Exodus on my Commodore 64)

- Edit –
Almost forgot; if you’re into Anime a bit, then you can’t go wrong with Final Fantasy series

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@ChazMaz The game may have rpg elements in it, but it technically isn’t an rpg, certainly not in the traditional sense.
I wasn’t the one who flagged you though.

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@Symbeline – Thanks for giving me some insight. :-)

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Well, being as you’ve ruled out the two most awesome RPGs available on the 360 (or available anywhere for that matter), Oblivion and Mass Effect, you’re pretty much SOL. At the risk of being censored moderated, may I suggest that if you liked Oblivion, that you get an older Xbox and play Morrowind? Daggerfall is another good one; the graphics are crude by today’s standards, but it’s a huge medieval RPG world to explore, much like Morrowind and Oblivion. The Final Fantasy series is pretty good, but you have to like that style of RPG. I beat FF7, and got half-way through FF8 before newer games caught my eye. I do intend to get back to it one of these days and finish it… GTA: San Andreas technically isn’t an RPG, but it sure feels like one with the freedom to go anywhere and do anything, i.e., follow the “quests” or just go have fun on your own…

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@ChazMaz Sorry, didn’t mean to sound rude or nothing. I didn’t actually catch that part about you wanting to know how it’s not an RPG.
By how an RPG is defined, technically every single video game that has a character with a conscience is an RPG, but different rules set em all apart; RPG’s, in most cases, require you to gain levels, or grow and evolve through progress, (Unlike say, a game like Super Mario where you rely on the same things the whole way through.) which is usually done by killing shit, looting treasure chests and dungeons, plus most are characterized by having a story and setting which belongs to the fantasy spectrum, even if it’s set in a modern of futuristic setting.
Battlefield isn’t an RPG because its primary aim (No pun intended.) is the FPS (First person shooter.) genre, and that type of gameplay in itself is unique enough to be warranted a slot of its own, (Started by Wolfenstein, revolutionized by Doom, years ago.) especially since 80% of them deal with WWII; just like most RPG’s deal with knights, ancient civilizations or goggles. True story. So, because of that, while Battlefield lets your soldier evolve high in the ranks based on your progress like an RPG makes you stronger and gets you new abilities through progress, it’s still not an RPG because that isn’t the primary aspect. (However, many people play FPS’s merely because of the upgrade features.) Hell, even football games have RPG elements in it. The technical side VS the more visual side, in the end, is what sets shit apart.
However, while we all know what Final Fantasy is, video game genres these days are getting extremely blurred, as they all utilize one another’s technicalities. If anything, RPG’s may easily be defined by the fact that after more than 20 years, they really haven’t evolved out of their overcooked concepts like most other video game genres have, which is extremely ironic when you think of it.

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“Sorry, didn’t mean to sound rude or nothing.”

You were not. I do appreciate you taking the time to explain. Then having a Mod just kill my answer with a nonsensical reason.. :-)


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