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Any of you out there have any good micro brews you could tell me about?

Asked by johnny (335points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone

In the town where I live there are two really good breweries. The first is New Belgium. Great beer. The second is Odell.

I just want to know if you guys can tell me your favorites now, so when I visit your state I can try all these beers.

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Louisiana’s Abita is pretty wonderful.

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I bought my SO a Mr Beer system for Christmas so he can make his own. It is temperature sensitive, so he hasn’t tried it yet, but after he makes the first batch, I’ll let you know! We like to go to the microbrewery in New hope Pa. They have wonderful blends, and they are happy to let you sample them. Sorry, I can’t remember the name of the place.. too many samples..hic! LOL!

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Well, Fat Tire is my favorite beer. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is my second favorite.

And I live in Oregon and I love beer. I you make it to Oregon try all of them. We know how to make beer.

And Deschutes Brewery out of Bend has some amazing beers.

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Steamworks and Carver in Durango, CO are both awesome. Steamworks recently did a double-hopped habenero ale that was freakin’ amazing, although I could only drink one at a sitting on account of the burn.

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I particularly enjoy the Middle Ages Brewery in Syracuse, NY and the Empire Brewing Company too Oh and I really enjoyed visiting Red Hook Brewery in Portsmouth, NH

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Olympia Washington is proud of its “Fishtale” brand—it makes a slew of delicious beers, some or most of them organic. And they have a great friendly bar, even with wifi, where you can have fabulous food with their beers. It’s called the Fishbowl.

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smuttynose brewing company Portsmouth NH. Old Brown Dog Ale and Smuttynose Robust Porter. Yummmmmmmy

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West coast…Anything from the “Lost Coast Brewery”
East coast…Likewise “Buzzards Bay Brewery”

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My two favorite microbreweries are Stone Brewing from California and Dogfish Head from Delaware. Stone mostly focuses on very big, super-hoppy beers, so if you like IPAs, they’re a good one to check out (try a 22 of Ruination and you should have an interesting night). Dogfish does a whole lot of different styles…and some non-styles too. 60 Minute IPA is an excellent version of the style. If you’re looking for something a bit more out there, you might want to try the Chateau Jiahu, which is pleasant but not boring by any means – it’s got a nice spiced character – hard to describe. Anyway, those are just two of my favorite breweries, which you should be able to find in good beer stores around the country.

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