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Do you eat 3 meals a day?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26784points) June 24th, 2010

I do. My husband doesn’t even come close.

Do you eat 3 meals a day usually? Snacks? Or are you the type to eat whatever whenever you feel hungry?

What did you have today?

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I usually eat two meals a day.

My first meal is usually a high fibre, low fat and moderate carbohydrate meal, often cereal with milk and some fruit.

My other meal is a well balanced meal with moderate portions of protein, carbohydrate and lots of vegetables.

I consume some fruit at other times during the day.

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Usually three meals and maybe a snack. Out of the week I probably average to sweet snacks and the rest of the snacks is usually something like carrots or a fruit.
Somedays I don’t snack at all.
Today, I’ve had so far one egg, one sweet roll and coffee, 2 oz meatloaf and a small scoop of mash potatoes and a few carrots for snack and two bottles of water. I’m not on a diet. I just don’t eat much. My daughter says I eat like a pigeon.

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@Pandora that sounds reasonable to me. I can’t eat very much at one sitting, people love to tease me for it. But I eat more frequently than the people around me.

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I eat two meals with some snackage in between. I ate three all throughout my childhood, but I get up later now than I used to and I don’t eat “breakfast” really. Lunch takes the place of breakfast when I get up at 10 or even 11 on some days.

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I eat 2 meals and snacks. Today: cereal with sliced bananas and vanilla cappucino. Then a few fried shrimp and one slice of fried corn on the cob.And iced tea , always. Tonite I’ll probably have my homemade pico de gallo with those whole wheat?? chips by fritos . And some hershey bar to round out a real nutritious day of eating haha.

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I eat 3 meals and a couple of snacks. Today I had cereal w/soy milk + bread w/spread for breakfast and my usual greens+tofu+beans+lemon juice w/flax seed oil lunch. For dinner I’ll prob have rice and hummus and tomato+cucumber+onion salad. My first snack of the day is usually an orange and my second usually has to do with chocolate (half a bar of dark chocolate) or a cup of home made cocoa.

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I don’t eat 3 meals a day, But sometimes when my mom isn’t working night shift we always eat the whole family together-me dad and mom- But is she’s working it’s really only sometimes that me and dad cook normal food, usually he just drinks coffee and some other bread stuff. I would just have a bowl of corn flakes or sometime and that’s enough!

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Breakfast, some sort of meal midday (if I have time. If not, I snack), occasionally I’ll sit and have dinner/meal. I do my best to eat healthy. I don’t eat red meat anymore. But, if there is chocolate of any sort in the house, its going down my gullet.

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I usually eat three meals a day. This morning I had two strips of bacon and an egg, scrambled with cheese. For lunch I had a ham sandwich and a diet cola. For supper, I am making turkey chili.

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I eat whatever & whenever I want. Today I ate (in order): Buttered bread, chips, an ice cream sandwich, more chips, another ice cream sandwich, an orange, a blueberry muffin, another orange, bluberries, 2 medium-rare steaks about as big as my hand, a tomato, corn, 2 more steaks, more blueberries, & 4 cinnamon rolls (I’m on my 5th).

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No,my nutritionist has me eating six times a day. I fix a regular meals with small portions, as directed, but then only eat half at each sitting, about two hours apart.

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This thread made me hungry.

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Three. I don’t see any reason to eat less or more.

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I eat three and usually a snack or dessert after dinner. Cereal or eggs for breakfast, mishmash of things for lunch (usually leftovers), protein and veggies for dinner. We’re big on salads and fruit with dinner. I used to eat some form of potatoes with every dinner, but have recently cut them out. Dessert time is my biggest problem now. I love some ice cream or s’mores or something while I watch Jeopardy after dinner with my hubs. I try to have edamame or an apple and peanut butter or something instead.

@Draconess25 Good lawd!

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I have a big breakfast, small lunch, small dinner and snack throughout the day.

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I eat two meals a day and a snack if I feel my blood sugar dropping. I can’t stand the sight of food for several hours after I wake up, so my first meal is lunch.

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@Aster: What’s fried corn?

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@ubersiren What can I say, I’m a growing girl! Okay, that’s bull. I haven’t grown an inch since I was 10.

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Milo here; I graze at will, and due to an efficient metabolism and an active life style, I can eat 8–10 small meals daily. And I won’t even allude to my eating habits at night, when Gail is asleep.

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Yes, and I snack whenever. Luckily, my metabolism is pretty boss, so I don’t worry too much about what I eat.

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If you mean one can of cold Ravioli, too much coffee and even more beer, then yes.

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i’m twice a day. even though i should be doing 6 small meals a day diabetic wise.
I eat when I’m hungry and who eats in this hot icky weather, except @Draconess25 ?? LOL
mmmmm…cinnamon rolls…..

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@Symbeline When I read answers like yours, I just hope it’s some kind of joke that just goes over my head. If true, ouch.

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@YARNLADY It’s not a joke, I just make it sound like it is.

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Being a diabetic, my endocrinologist and nutritionist both recommend that I eat 3 healthy meals a day in an attempt to properly regulate my blood sugar levels and I try to achieve that each day. Breakfast was oatmeal, lunch was a tuna sandwich, and dinner was steak, rice, corn, carrots, and a salad.

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I average one “meal” a day and snack throughout.

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Usually 3 meals but I tend to skip breakfast on days when I’m not working.

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I usually eat two meals per day with (maybe, not always) some small snacking in between.

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