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I'm off work for the summer (every year). What to do?

Asked by janedelila (3904points) June 24th, 2010

This summer is especially different. Last year I partied the summer away, and feel like I wasted it. I had tragic losses in the months before vacation and chose poor coping mechanisms. I feel I may be slipping back that way, and can’t figure out how I should fill the time. Any and all suggestions welcome!

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If you can’t find a paying summer job, volunteer with Habitat for Humanity or some other nonprofit organization.

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Well, I do bartend on the weekends year round, money isn’t an issue, I also receive unemployment. I’ve considered volunteering but my winter job is quite demanding physically and emotionally. It is for a nonprofit agency so I love that idea, just not for me. Great answer though @WestRiverrat . Thank you.

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travel…..go listen to good bands.

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When I was in college, my buddy and I got a CN or CP rail pass that let us travel anywhere a Canadian passenger train ran. It was good for a month, so we hopped on/off the train anywhere it stopped that looked interesting.

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Take up a new hobby or learn a new skill:

Learn to play an instrument, one you don’t already play. I just bought a keyboard.
Take classes in some kind of exotic culinary skills or herbalism, etc.
Yoga or kick boxing
Horse Vaulting
Jewelry design and crafting

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@eden2eve love love loving the kickboxing idea!! Yessss physical activity will absolutely quench the party urge. Looking into it immediately.

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I guess it all depends on what kind of financial situation you are in.

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Bottle of Bacardi, Xbox360, small bag of maryjane, shorts, tank top, coffee table, tea with too much honey, enjoi.

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Oh! That’s what I did last summer! Killed soooo many zombies, sat in the dark with my friend Bacardi, listened to Type O Negative (I know, dramatic) lost roach clips, and ate one sammich a day. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as I thought…that’s why I feel myself drawn that way again.

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