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Do you use interac all/most of the time?

Asked by Gemini (495points) June 25th, 2010

If you do, do you find you spend any more or less than you would if you carried cash?

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I am an old-fashioned cash kinda girl. I know exactly what I have and do not worry about credit/debit cards.

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@MissA you are a wise girl! Vote for your answer!

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I’ve never heard of Interac before. What is it?

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Isn’t Interac is some sort of Debit/credit card system used in Canada?
I could very well be mistaken on that, but…
I use my debit card quite often, my bank gives be cash back for a lot of purchases.
I’m also much more likely to spend when I have cash on hand. I usually don’t carry more than 20 cold hard greens with me at a time.

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Why does this question currently have “2” GQs and as yet no one even knows what you are talking about?

I’ve never heard of interact[t] and since you are asking if I use it “all/most of the time”, and since I too am in North America, I’m forced to think your worldview is central to it, and that you are probably a marketing agent fiending product. As such I will make a note to never use whatever it is you are hawking.

Please clarify.

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@ipso good point!

Interac is a Japanese company which outsources language teachers and provides other educational services such as testing. Founded in 1972, by Roice Krueger,[1] Interac is owned by Selnate International School in Provo, Utah in the United States.[2][3] “Interac” is an abbreviation for International Education Research and Analysis Corporation.[4]

While Interac’s business originally concentrated on providing business English classes at companies the majority of their business is now concentrated in dispatching Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) to elementary, middle, and high public schools. Interac dispatches teachers to approximately 1,400 schools around Japan.[5] The company has nine domestic branches within Japan, along with an overseas office in Provo. There are approximately 100 administrative staff and over 1,500 native-speaking Assistant Language Teachers and language consultants for English and other languages.

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I thought this was a credit card thing?

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@Buttonstc i googled it and only found my prior comment. I’m confused also!

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YESSSSS! I finally got to use that answer!

Wheres my cookie?

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@ipso Hey I’m sorry to confuse you….I didn’t realize interac wasn’t a common term in the U.S. It is just what we call using a bank card to pay for things instead of using cash. The machines at the stores are called interac machines. I am not hawking anything, it was just a question.

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@ Everyone
Turns out to be a bad question….......I apologize—had no idea!

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Ohh well in that case I use a debit card for most purchases over £5. Shops here tend not to like (or not allow at all) card purchases for less than that.

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@Gemini – oh – sorry.

I use a “debit” card all the time. Now you can just get cash back vs. having to go to the bank as well.

It costs me nothing, but used to cost retailers about .43 cents (US) per transaction (depending on what “processor” the vendor uses), but that cost is nothing compared to the convenience and quickness of getting customers through the line.

The only downside is that when using a card everything is tracked. They can, and do, sell that information. So if you’re a hard core Skippy peanut butter user, Jiffy will pay money to target you for their $1 off coupons to try and “convert” you. They don’t want to give $1 to an already loyal Jiffy customer. That kind of thing.

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