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Are there any stores in Australia they sell Hungarian fiction books?

Asked by julia999 (343points) June 25th, 2010

I’m hoping to buy some fictional books such as Harry Potter or The Hobbit (A Hobbit) in Hungarian, but I like in Australia and the postage is very expensive to get from Hungary.

Does anyone know of any stores based in Australia that would supply such books?

(I’m not interested in phrase books, history books, etc)

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I did an internet search for foreign language books AU and found several listings. You could see if you can find something there.

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Depends where you live? There are alot of embassies around where I live and culture clubs that sell things like that. I’ve never been tobrhe Hungarian embassy, but I know the Croatian embassy and club sell books. We also have a French library. Maybe start by giving them (Hungarian embassy) a call and asking them?

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Thanks I will check it out!

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