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Do you want to remember your dreams?

Asked by JLeslie (56599points) June 25th, 2010

For me I feel like I had a good night sleep when I sleep through the night without waking, get enough hours, and didn’t dream. Now, I know technically I had dreams, but I like best when sleep is a non-event.

What about you?

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I never remember my dreams. Maybe for a few minutes after I wake up, but that’s all. The thing is, I’ve gotten a ton of great artistic ideas from the snippets of dreams I do remember – so yes, I really wish I could remember my dreams :)

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Yes, I want to, even though 99% of my dreams are nightmares, I want to be aware of what had been torturing my mind during sleep! It is a 50/50 case for me, sometimes I remember sometimes I don’t.

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Most of the dreams I remember momentarily on awaking are so convoluted and based on irrelevant or factually false assumptions that they are like spirals of compounding nonsense of increasing complexity. They are exhausting and frustrating and yet they seem to come back from time to time making no more sense than the last time. I wish I could permanently purge them.

I abhor meaningless complexity (however hard some of you may find that to believe given how I write!).

I’d like to remember joyful, happy and optimistic dreams if I have any of those.

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Oh, I always want to remember the really good dreams. ; D

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I would like to remember a few dreams here and there, just to see what it is like. I haven’t remembered a dream for many years, and I don’t remember the feeling of what it is like to be dreaming, so I am somewhat curious to find out.

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Often, yes. Of course there are some bad dreams that I don’t want to remember, but many of my dreams are interesting, emotional, or just plain bizarre. I’d love to remember them better. Some of the ones that really have stood out over the years, I’ve summarized in a dream log that I keep. Some elements in my dreams have even inspired passages in the stories I’ve written.

I’ve always talked about how someone needs to invent a device that converts dreams to video and audio footage. :) A Dream Video Recorder or DVR as I like to call it. :P

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Funny, this question is!

Usually I sleep very soundly and well unbeknownst to my dreamstate.


last night was one of those highly arousing sex dream moments…oooh yes..I remember! lololol

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I only remember them vividly when the dreams are disturbing. I wish that I could remember the good ones, if any.

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I love dreams…...I remember 65% of them, at least upon waking…...
I think they have deeper meaning.
I dont like it if I dont dream.
@coloma…do tell…well maybe not.

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Yes, I love remembering my dreams too, and love the Jungian interps when I do remember.

Let’s just say that last nights dream was a dreamus interupptus, sooo..had to create my own happy ending. lololol

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I feel as if dreaming saved my life as a child…I cherish my dreams. They’re like films…rarely do I have an unsettling dream. My life would feel incomplete without them.

I can wake up, get out of bed, return to bed…and, pick up where I left off.

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I do. Mostly I dream about murdering people, and while they’re not very pleasant dreams, for some reason they make me think a lot in the few days after they happened. It’s better than complete darkness.

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I very rarely remember my dreams and I wish I did remember them more often. I think they’re interesting. Also when I do remember dreams they tend to be quite complex, with real plot, and sometimes they spark off ideas for stories.

The dreams I have where I’m being chased by someone who wants to kill me, are less fun.

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@Symbeline Its better than complete darkness.
My sleep is not complete darkness, it is complete unawareness. “Dark” is still a colour as far as your mind is concerned, because it has to tell you that there is no information from that point. I don’t honestly know whether my sleep is dark or peppered with colourful and exciting dreams – I just wake up and don’t remember anything before the sound of my alarm.

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I agree with you, I’d rather not remember my dreams.The problem I have is that my dreams are so often disturbing and when I wake up I feel scared or uneasy for a while. I would be much happier if I just didn’t remember my dreams.

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I love to dream and I usually remember them and I would hate it if that stopped.
Even my not so pleasant dreams I would always prefer to remember.
I’m a screenwriter and I’ve gotten some damn good ideas from what’s going on in my noggin while I sleep. :)

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@FireMadeFlesh My using the word darkness was pretty much meaning the not remembering anything part, rather than the colour.

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I’d like to remember certain ones. If I could put up a “dream filter”, and keep the ones matching the criteria in perfect detail, I’d be pretty happy.

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@Symbeline Okay, thanks for clarifying. I just wonder why you would prefer unpleasant dreams to unconsciousness, which can be neither pleasant or unpleasant. I find people have a similar attitude to death – they cannot understand what it is like to not exist, and so would prefer a unpleasant existence. I really don’t understand why.

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Only the good ones.
I can easily forget the bad ones.

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@FireMadeFlesh Maybe you have a point, because essentially, we can’t really know what unconsciousness is like if we’re not conscious to experience it. That said, my answer highly revolves around the fact that when I don’t dream, it’s usually because I was smashed outta noggin’ before going to bed.

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@Symbeline Ah, that explains it!

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