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Hi all, new to fluther, i have an ear infection/blockage question!

Asked by luka (6points) June 26th, 2010

hey so i see there are lots of questions about ear blockages!
however just wondering about mine now, (I know -selfish)
I have had blocked ears for 7 days – talk about frustrating.
I have some antibiotics that the doctor prescribed but she keeps telling me to hold off it gets better and it does, but then gets worse again, by worse I mean – more blocked – no pain, no fever.
when i pop my ears i seem to be able to hear again for 3 seconds then it muffles up again!
I really want to fight it naturally, i’m also a composer and have a performance in 3 days and now my left ear – which she said was full of wax is really blocked!
when she first looked into my ear she said my ear drum was slighty swollen and canal was a little bit red.
I have used drops that contained a steroid and sudafed – to which nothing worked…. now i’m just fed up and slighty unsettled, oh i’ve also used olive oil, which made it way worse, more blocked, a netie pot which i think was the cause of the problem and hydrogen peroxide and good old tears… nothing works help!!!!!!!!!!!

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When I have ear infections (which has happened pretty often since I was very young), I use rubbing alcohol. Pour it in, let it sit for a while, and drain it well. Make sure to move your jaw to help it loosen up.

It may help, may not… but it works for me.

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If I were you, I’d look through @HearKat’s responses. She’s an audiologist, but has wearied of answering the same question over and over. It’s all in the archives.

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Welcome to fluther. Not much to offer in the way of ear advice, except that if it is an infection, and it hasn’t gotten better otherwise, I would treat it with antibiotics. There are times to use them, and this may be one of those times.

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Oral antibiotics and not drops you put in your ear cured mine

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Your question seems very similar to this one. Coincidence?

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my question is quite similar to lot i know sorry, but i thought i’d ask as well, and no one replied to that one, hopefully this one helped!!

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Yeah, I noticed that also. And both are in the music profession to boot. Gee, what are the odds ~~~

I decided to spare myself the frustration of advising to take the oral antibiotics already since I didn’t feel like dealing with the same level of resistance.

I still can’t figure out why some people keep asking for advice but then shoot each suggestion down repeatedly. If they already know the answer, why keep asking the question?

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I have never heard of a doctor who prescribes an antibiotic for an infection and then continues to tell her patient to hold off taking it because it will get better on its own. Maybe you misunderstood her, or maybe I’ve misunderstood you.

And assuming you wouldn’t have purchased it if you don’t believe in taking over-the-counter medications, I suggest you take it as prescribed, meaning until the supply runs out, even if it feels better before you’ve finished the dosage.

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