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World Cup Soccer?

Asked by Jay484 (1555points) June 26th, 2010

who do you think is going to wim the game tomorrow between England and Germany??. I think Germany will win

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Listened to a bit of the soccer today. What was that horrible, annoying buzz in the background? It was like a billion million bees swarming.

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The noise comes from those stupid plastic horns the fans blow!

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yep they get annoying after a while

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They blow them non-stop? You’d think people would be dropping like flies!

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I’m hoping for Germany to win, for no reason whatsoever, other than the fact that they aren’t England.
@Val123 It could be worse

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@Val123 The sound comes from these things:

I found they get less annoying after a while as you just learn to ignore them.

And as an English person I hope England wins just because I am not looking forward to people moaning about them losing to Germany.

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@Val123 , lol that was soo funny!!!! People dropping dead like flies!xDxDxD
That made my evening:D Thank you!
I support Germany-Bastian Sweinsteiger. <3<3<3
But if Beckham was playing for England I would support them.

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Eh, I think tomorrow will be an interesting game. I was supporting England earlier in the tournament (hoping they would beat the US), but I think I’m rooting for Germany in this next game.

It’s going to be a great game, though. Wouldn’t be surprised if it goes to penalties, in which case I think Germany would have the edge. You know, not having a goalie with the hands of a snake.

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Wir werden die Inseldeppen unangespitzt in den Boden rammen!

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@VohuManah Now, how’d you do that??????

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Back to the question. Well. I have a problem with both Germany and England! Historically speaking that is…...(not really, but since I’m really not following It, that’s all I could come up with…)

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@Val123 It’s easy to cause vuvuzela suffering .

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@ragingloli – Inselaffen is not a nice word and definitely not politically correct. I wonder how many Brits are actually aware of this term.

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Hey, the brits are still making fun of us by hinting at WW2. I was being mild.

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@ragingloli – Good point, although I heard the British tabloids have relaxed a little bit…

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@ragingloli (The Brits are still miffed at us over the Revolutionary War! They won’t even celebrate the 4th of July!)

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I think Germany will in a huge margin. Germany is playing superbly. England can’t do any thing in the tournament. Why is Runny in the field? He can’t do anything.

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@ArpitaBarua I bet you a substantial load of money you’ll be wrong.

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