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If someone had a cardiac arrest in a public place and there was an AED available would you be willing to use it?

Asked by Lightlyseared (31049points) June 26th, 2010 from iPhone

Automatic external defibrillators are cropping up all over the place but they are only useful if they are used.

So… If it came down to it if there was no one else there, would you?

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I’d like to be a good person & say I would, no matter who it is. But I’m very subjective. If the person gave me bad vibes (which most people do) I’d probably just stand there.

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I have Red Cross cert for both AED and CPR. I think all parents should.

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Without question! I’d have been doing CPR immediately!

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Without a doubt I would. I have BLS and ACLS certification and wouldn’t hesitate to use what I know to help someone.

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Absolutely. And in the absence of an AED, I would perform old-fashioned CPR.

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I’m not trained to use an AED, so no.

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I’d wait a few seconds to see if someone who was more trained took the lead, and then sure – they’re already dying, so why not at least try to save them?

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I don’t know how to use them. I only know CPR.

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I’d like to, but in this day and age I’d be too afraid of getting sued by the family saying that it was my attempt to save him that killed him, not the heart attack.

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I’m quite sure there are pretty clear instructions on the defibrillator case. I would use one on someone if need be.

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@janbb the AED has a little recorded voice that tells you what to do. The last one I used got angry at you if you didn’t do what it wanted quickly enough.

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Sounds like a GPS!

Anyway, that’s even better and I would definitely try it in the absence of someone more knowledgeable.

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Used to teach AED and CPR, no problem . . . plus, they are just about “idiot proof” at this point. Just listen to the prompts, the machine tells you what to do . . .

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I would assume that being “idiot proof” is the reason for their widespread dispersal. If they needed a cardiologist to operate them, they would be of very limited use.

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@PandoraBoxx ya same here but i know how to ave some one who is having cardiac arrest

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Sure. Have at it!

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I think that I’d most likely see if anybody else were going to do it first.

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I feel competent in CPR. I would use the AED if I felt competent, but it’s hard to say if I would try to use it untrained.

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Resurrecting old questions here.
I am trained and certified, so absolutely. I would do anything that I thought I could to help. Plus, as mentioned above, it’s pretty much foolproof. The things talk to you.

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