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Ladies do u prefer skirts or jeans? Be honest

Asked by Yogi (40points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone

I really dont see the ladies where what they want any more so I got see what sup

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I like pretty skirts… Pants for normal stuff.

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Jeans by far…I live in the mountains, so skirts don’t mix very well with the outdoors.

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jeans… I don’t like showing my legs…

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jeans all the way!

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definately jeans… love that they are comfy and go with almost anything!!

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jeans all the way! believe it or not, skirts can get painful for girls with full legs!

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As a guy i think girls can look great in both. Mini skirts make me feel horny. Long skirts makes the girl look mature and descent which i like very much. Tight jeans… nothing to say about that. Loose cut jeans makes me feel horny as well i dunno why. haha

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UP until Jan. 10, 2010, I happen to wear skirtsuit for the most part as well as pantsuits. It is more feminine and I have Great leg!!! Now, as for jeans, I only owned 1 pair. I have since then, purchased two additional pairs of Jeans that is. I still like skirts better!

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