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How to obtain sponsorship and endorsement for athletes?

Asked by tssimms (6points) June 27th, 2010

I would like to know how does promoters, agents & managers are able to secure sponsorship and/or endorsements for individual professional athletes?

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The people you have mentioned have friends, contacts, and acquaintances in the appropriate fields, and when they find a promising athlete, they pass the word around. It works both ways, because the marketing departments of the endorsers also keep contacts with the agents. It’s a two way street.

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Companies work with sports agents and seek out the athletes they feel best represent their products. Endorsement ranges from money to commercials to free equipment.

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It all starts with competition and audience. Take for instance cyclists, they may not be famous, but they never have problems securing local breweries and restaurants for sponsorship. This is A) simply because they are competing and B) because the breweries and restaurants all know that their sponsorship will likely lead to added business.

The key is know who is watching your sport, once you know who your audience is it will be easy to find companies that will benefit from sponsoring you. Also as @YARNLADY mentioned knowing key people doesn’t hurt.

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