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Has Apple embraced the name "iTouch"?

Asked by ketoneus (1169points) August 16th, 2008

I thought the official name of the product was iPod Touch, not iTouch. For whatever cranky reason, “iTouch” just rubs me the wrong way. Like people that use “quotations” too much in their “writing.”

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Considering they never use the word, i’d say no. Also notice how they make the word “iPod” bold, while the “touch” is just “normal”... they want you to say that “Pod”. And I “agree” with you, it “shits me to tears” when people call it an “iTouch”. Although the worst mis-named “Apple” product was something called the “Mactop Air” (“Macbook Air” maybe?).

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Apple have never, to my knowledge, used the phrase “iTouch” anywhere in their press or promotional material, or at product announcements.

Related reading (something I’ve asked before):

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@richardhenry Thanks for the link and my apologies for not searching before asking.

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No no, your question isn’t really a dupe. Just figured it was related.

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It’s definitly iPod Touch. However people shopping at my store don’t know anything about names… they come to buy an iTV, AirBook, 80gb Nano, Apple Touch and they also ask if we sell the MacBook Touch…

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I hope not. It feels like nails on a chalkboard when I hear “iTouch.”

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I agree with Eambos such that “iTouch” is nails on a chalkboard. The least people could do is know what their own stuff is called.

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I absolutely despise the phrase “iTouch” because it sounds just…ugh. iPod Touch is the real name so everyone stop calling it by that stupid name.

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the name iTouch is horrible and when people say it i basically want to punch them.

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no. I hate when peolpe say iTouch! I must admit sometimes I do call my iPod touch my “touch”.

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