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What does my dream mean?

Asked by lolsmleyfce (9points) June 30th, 2010

Ok, last night i had a dream about my crush lets call him J. I also have this friend named Jasmine, lets say. In my dream we were holding hands, walking into what seemed like a rather large restaurant. Almost like a cruise ship type of dining, and we are holding hands but not saying anything. It doesn’t feel weird holding his hand; it was almost as if we had been doing it for awhile. We were looking for a seat, i’m not sure if we finally sat down, but next thing i know he’s sitting at Jasmine’s table. And i’m all alone. I remember being in shock. I couldn’t believe that she really just did that to me. Today i had a dream that he got me pregnant, but he wasn’t worried, he acted as if he wanted this baby, and he wanted to take care of me. It felt as if he really did seem to love me and was humbled about it. The the crazy thing, is that i’m a freshman in highschool soon to be a sophmore. Why am i having these dreams? I mean im use to guys approaching me not the other way around. So i doubt that i’ll end up asking him how he feels about me. So can someone please tell me what my dreams mean and what i should do?

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It means you owe me money ;)

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It means that you should rethink your major before you get to your junior year.

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It means Ok well you need to spend more time learning about spelling, punctuation, parallel construction, run-on sentences and like well you get my drift.

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Dreams don’t mean anything. A dream is a succession of thoughts, images, sounds or emotions which the mind experiences during sleep. It’s almost like a hallucination. A hallucination is described as a perception in the absence of a stimulus. Basically, you’re sleeping so hard that you have no outside stimuli so your brain makes up it’s own as visions, sounds and manifestations in the dream world. There are doctors who believe this and doctors who don’t. It makes more sense to me than dreams being some sort of crystal ball into the future. One time, when I was about eight, I had a dream that I turned into Blanka from Street Fighter. Needless to say, that prophecy never came true.

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You think Jasmine will take your man if you don’t make your intentions known.

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Another question about a dream involving a crush? It means you have a crush. Go get married or something.

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It means you’re thinking about your crush an awful lot. Obsessing, in fact. It means that you are feeling excited and scared, but also believe there is potential for the relationship. Duh.

It has little to do with reality and everything to do with your own emotions. If you want more with this guy, do what a normal person would do, and talk to him in a normal situation and see what develops.

But of course you won’t. He’s a crush, and the whole point of a crush is to get all in a tizzy and get your hopes up and your juices running and then either leap into ecstasy or crash into depression. Have fun.

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@lolsmleyfce: I never said anything about grammar. Your text is very unclear due to sloppy writing. If you want good answers, you have to write clear text and not txtspk.

Sophomore in HS? Dreams usually are about the emotions and not the details. How do you feel when you wake up?

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mama mia, here we go again. oy vey!

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Revised and edited version is slightly less worse than the first. We all dream and often find the visuals of the dream confusing. Check out your feelings when you wake up. And why is it crazy to be a sophomore?

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First, welcome to Fluther, @lolsmleyfce

The most likely explanation of dreams is that your brain is playing. In that play, it sometimes explores things that are important to your real life, and it sometimes just goes on total flights of fantasy. When you have a dream that seems totally confusing, it may just be brain-play. When it makes waking sense, listen to it. Your mind is every bit as smart when you are asleep as it is when you are awake.

If you are about to start your sophomore year in high school, your body is becoming sexually mature. You have a whole new set of hormones to deal with, and the strange and wonderful (or sometimes bewildering) feelings they engender.

For most of human history, we lived on average about 40 years. It was vital for the survival of our species that we start mating and bearing children as soon as we were sexually mature enough to do so. Today, things are suddenly quite different. We live into our 80s and beyond. With the progress modern medicine is making, you may well enjoy another 100 years of healthy life.before aging really catches up with you. For you, there is plenty of time to start a family in the future. Now is the time to get a good education and to learn as much about life and integrating into it successfully as you possibly can.

Where early child bearing used to be a survival strategy, now it is just the opposite. But your body, shaped by millions of years of evolution under different conditions, doesn’t know that. It is providing your brain with feelings and drives to sort out. You just need to integrate them into what you know intellectually is best for you in the long haul.

I’d suggest you go very slowly with J. He’s probably very young too, and he should explore his own budding interest in the opposite sex before he settles on a life penguin. You should do the same. Maybe your brain has picked up some subtle signals between J and Jasmine. Maybe not. Who cares? What’s important right now is what will build a successful, happy life for you for the time you have ahead of you. Concentrate on that, and enjoy the weird theater that your more… ahem, interesting dreams provide.

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