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Is it acceptable to wear a black dress to a late afternoon/evening wedding?

Asked by MissAusten (16142points) June 30th, 2010

We’re going to a wedding on Sunday. The ceremony is at 4:30, followed by drinks with the actual reception and dinner around 6:00. The invitation didn’t say “black tie” or any reference to the formality of the event.

This morning I went shopping for a dress, and the only one my husband and I could agree on (he has a much better fashion sense than I do) is a little black dress. The jury still seems to be out on whether or not black is acceptable at a wedding. I lightened up the dress with cute silver sandals and matching accessories. Is this OK, or should I torture myself with further dress shopping to find something more colorful?

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I highly doubt anyone would judge you for wearing a black dress. That’s pretty much the classic “go-to” for ANY occasion.

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The color isn’t so much an issue for an afternoon gathering as is the style of it. If it’s the style of a party dress then you should be fine. If the dress is on the conservative side then try to lighten it up with a dressier shoe, maybe something with sparkle or frill.

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It’s traditionally considered inappropriate for guests to wear black to a wedding (possibly, if the wedding is in the evening you could get away with it). Having said that, traditions change.

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The style is more important than the colour. A cocktail dress would suit, especially paired with fancy heels. Plus, you want to be able to wear the dress again. You can liven it up with a colourful shawl, if you feel the need, but I think from your description, you’re all right for now.

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You can’t go wrong with a little black dress!
Have fun!:)

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While black is not the best for a wedding, it should be fine.

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My wedding is at 5:00 and my grandma and mother are both wearing black dresses. It’s perfectly fine.

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Well, it kind of looks like this, except it has short sleeves. That’s the closest picture I could find.

I may borrow a shawl from my mother in law. The shawl, she says, is white with silver accents. I haven’t seen it, and am not sure anything she owns would be “my style.”

My problem with buying a dress in the middle of summer is that almost everything is sleeveless. I never wear anything sleeveless because I have the world’s worst farmer’s tan. My arms are very freckled up to a point, and then just white. It looks ridiculous. I tried on a couple of sleeveless dresses today and had a hard time not laughing out loud at myself in the dressing room.

Thanks for the reassurance, and also for the thoughts against it. I am not one of those ladies who loves to shop, but I will maybe make one more attempt. It’s difficult now with the kids out of school because I can’t drag them around while I try on dresses. We’ll kill each other.

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@Miss Austen-That dress is nice:)
Simple designs in black are perfect.You’ll look great!

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GA’s above- the only thing I would add is another option is to add a fun belt for a pop of color. You’ll have a handbag and shoes so you can add color there.

The best thing everyone wore to my wedding was a smile

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I agree with @gemiwing. Definitely add color with your handbag, shoes, and jewelry. Bright pops of color will look great.

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@MissAusten The dress is lovely. You’ll be fine.

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@everyone: Thank you! As I said, I went with silver-hued sandals and matching accessories, including a great handbag that perfectly matches the shoes, even though I bought it at a different store. The sparkle from the silver seems to brighten up the whole ensemble. I tried it all on for my daughter when I got home, and she said, “I don’t think you should wear that dress. The groom might fall in love with you!” :D

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Pretty dress, your’e going to look swell :)

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Just got home this morning after a great night (wow I feel old). There were quite a few other ladies in black dresses. After I asked this question, a friend of mine told me she was pretty sure that at a Jewish wedding wearing black didn’t have the same sort of negative connotations. Maybe she was on to something, because there was quite a bit of black.

Anyway, we had an amazing time! Thanks for all the comments!

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certainly you can wear the black one to attend the wedding ,the black one can show your figure and make you more attractive .

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