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Do you prefer one device in your pocket for everything or separate devices (phone, audio player etc)?

Asked by Brunty (93points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone
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One device… carrying around a bunch can be a pain! I find myself pulling out an mp3 when madly trying to find a ringing cell phone, etc. One device makes it compact and simple! ...(and less likely to miss calls

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One device for sure, unless you’re prone to losing things. Then its your potential downfall.

I imagine billions of dollars in goods is either lost or damaged anually by girls when they drink. I think the girls I’ve dated might be able to match that quota alone.

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Multiple devices. That way I can leave the phone behind or turn it off when I don’t want to be bothered.

But I’m old-fashioned; the only device I routinely carry with me is my iPod, and my PDA is made of paper and called a “notebook.”

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I used to be an iPod/phone/hipsterPDA/pen/keys/wallet kind of guy. It worked, and subsequently it changed my pants buying habits for a while. I was later provided with an iPhone and ever since I have been an iPhone/keys/wallet kind of guy.

I suppose the answer is that I prefer separate components if they do the job better than a single device. I have been happy with the iPhone as a substitute. Years back I had a Palm Zire and it just didn’t cut it.

I still keep a Moleskine handy, just not in my pocket.

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I only carry my phone wallet and keys, my phone is a krazr, not an iphone, but it does have the ability to record songs on it that I can listen to

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