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Can you wear flippy floppies at Six Flags?

Asked by h3llolim3 (90points) June 30th, 2010

I’m going to Six Flags for the weekend, and I can’t decide if I want to wear flip flops or shoes. I’m really geared toward flip flops, their really comfortable ^^, but I don’t want to lose them on the rides (i.e. Batman), is there some place I can put them?

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You can but most rides will not let you wear them and you will have to take them off and leave them back while you take the ride! There are lockers at each ride at a dollar a pop!

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Wear shoes. You are going to walking and standing a lot anyways so wear comfortable running shoes or something like Nike Shox or New balances.

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You might find that there are restrictions based on safety. I would suggest a good, sturdy sandal or walking shoe.

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@Cruiser A dollar at every ride to store your goddamn footwear into??

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@Symbeline People use them for cell phones and wallets so they don’t fall out. It’s a ripoff, but sometimes you have to do it lol.

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Fuck all that shit, I’ll just stay home.

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@Symbeline Yep or leave them somewhere by the line many do!

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@Symbeline LOL! Have you been on a roller coaster before? It sucks, but it is worth it to try it once.

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I have, but never the kind that actually goes upside down. Also on one that I went on that rode backwards, I received a glob of spit in my face. I fucking hate rides. XD

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@Symbeline Ah crap, I don’t blame you then.

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@Symbeline, Ha! That sucks, was it yours?

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You can wear them on a boat.

I don’t really have a real answer, but the phrase “flippy floppies” always reminds me of that song…

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@h3llolim3 No. Some guy in the front cars. I saw him do it. Ew.

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@dverhey—its ok, I like using that word too!

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I just went to Six Flags last week and wore flip flops. It worked out fine, I just placed them off to the side on rides that had your feet dangling.

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I went to magic mountain a couple summers ago, and that’s practically all people were wearing.

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