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What is the longest I should wait for her to call me back?

Asked by jayqueue47 (13points) June 30th, 2010

I called her on Tuesday evening after meeting her at a party on Saturday and getting her number. She seemed interested because she went all the way to her bag which was on a couch about 15 feet away, just to get her phone when I just pulled out my phone and said, “aw man my batteries are dead” (in other words, I didn’t even ask for her number, I just pulled out my phone).

I left a brief message saying, “It’s [my name], I have a question to ask you, just gimme a call back at [my number].”

It’s now Wed. late night and I’m wondering why she hasn’t called me back yet, and what to do if she doesn’t call me back by tomorrow to maximize whatever chances are left with her.. should I call (and when), should I add her on facebook, or should I text at some point?

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Just send her another message. She might just busy.

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Yeah, one more attempt I think. Why not just ask her in a message if she wants to get together Friday night, or whatever you would like, instead of leaving a message ambiguous like I have a question. But, hey, I have been married forever, so what do I know.

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Today with caller ID there is little chance that she didn’t get your number. Unless you have your number blocked than don’t call. If she’s interested, she will call.
If by chance you do have your number blocked than text her so there is little chance that she will not have access to your number. Sometimes when people verbally leave their number they say it so fast or low that you can’t make out what they are saying.
If thats not the case than let it go and move on.

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Wait another twenty-four hours, and text her asking if she received your message. If you don’t get any reply this time, then I think your answer will be she isn’t interested.

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You didn’t say how well you know each other, but if I got a message from someone that was cryptic, I’m not sure I would call back. Give it another day or two, then call again, and be a little more complete with your message. If the thing you wanted to ask her was about a date, say so. Say something like. “I was wondering if you’d like to get together Saturday night.” or something similar. That way, she can have time to consider her answer and not feel cornered by wondering what you wanted to ask. She might feel like she’s being put on the spot, ya know?

There is always the chance that she didn’t get your message at all. Every now and then, my phone drops messages, or I don’t get them until a week or so after the person has called. Good luck!

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Call her again.

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Ditto. Call her again. We never know what is going on in someone else’s mind or on their phone.

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Don’t call her again. Just wait. (If she will call you back you could also avoid answering and then call her back later).

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@qashqai Why not? If he has waited a couple of days, why not call or text once more? If she is just not interested she can not pick up again or not reply. If by some chance she missed the call or has been distracted, but is interested this would be an opportunity for her to correct the situation. If she purposely is playing some hard to get ridiculous crap, then I think good riddance. I hate game playing.

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Don’t call her again. She will call back if she is interested. Like partyparty said, if she doesn’t call by Friday, I would text her and say: that question I wanted to ask you is if you’d like to go out this weekend or next? Just wanted to make sure you got my message the other day.

If she doesn’t respond after that, she is not interested. Calling twice makes you look desperate. Good luck!

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