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Putting coins in a parking meter?

Asked by lanahopple (455points) July 1st, 2010

I heard today that if you go along putting coins into a parking meter that isn’t for your car, you get arrested. Why?

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Cities make a lot more money from issuing tickets than they do from parking fees. They rely on the money from tickets for their budgets. From the perspective of the city, you’re literally stealing money from their budget. Parking regulations aren’t designed to be convenient; quite the opposite, they’re designed to be as difficult and obstructionist as possible, in an effort to get people to violate them.

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Yes, I believe it is called re-metering, it is illegal in some cities but not all. I heard about it a couple of years ago. The cities need to make money some way. Actually, I thought it was a great idea.

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The real reason that parking is limited to a certain length of time is to free uup the spaces for other people, in areas where there isn’t enough parking for everyone. By limiting the amount of time each person takes up a space, it makes more parking for more cars. When one car hogs the space, they are depriving other people of a place to park.

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Reminds me of this clip. I think it’s bullshit personally. If I want to be charitable to others then that’s my business.

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because meter maids eat their young.

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I didn’t know it was against the law. I do it all the time.

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@filmfann – I have seen it! It is not pretty.

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I had this discussion with a meter maid when I went down the street putting dimes in delinquent meters. Someone had done that for me and I was returning the favor. Cities make big bucks from those meters and I was lowering the tax base. (I still do it but check for the meter readers first).

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That’s bullshit. How do they know who a parked car belongs to? I’m going to start feeding meters now.

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You can’t do that in Philly any more. You go to the kiosk and buy time which is printed on a small piece of cardboard and placed on the curbside dashboard. Unless someone has the keys to your car (or you leave it unlocked in hope….), they can’t give you additional time.

Now they don’t need that guy who goes around collecting coins. Now you don’t really have a reason to save quarters any more, unless you’re saving for the candy machine. The kiosks take credit cards, as well as money (including quarters).

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@wundayatta that’s a dirty trick. I bet they put in traffic cams too. I understand traffic cams have become a bigger money maker than parking meters. I have yet to be caught by a traffic camera but am looking forward to them sending a picture of my car speeding or running a light. I fully intend to send the a picture of the money they fine me.

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How do they know whether or not it is your car? I mean cant you just tell the cops that its your car?

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@tinyfaery @lanahopple In our downtown, it doesn’t matter whose car it is. The car must be moved at the end of the paid session, period. Supposedly you can’t even feed your own meter.

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@Ron_C We do have traffic cameras at some major intersections, and they do keep people from running the lights. Which keeps things moving. The thing is, there has to be a clear picture of your face, so if you keep your visor down or wear a hat or something, you can generally obscure your face enough that the picture won’t stand up in court, if they are foolish enough to try to use it. I prefer not to run the lights.

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@wundayatta I don’t run lights either, it’s a stupid dangerous thing to do. I understand that most people just pay the ticket. I thought that, in some places, the fact that it was your car is enough for a conviction, regardless of who was driving it.

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