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What's better when traveling, use your credit card to get cash or use your bank debit card?

Asked by susanc (16134points) July 1st, 2010

Going to England and then Paris to visit friends. I can use a credit card for purchases; but how do you know which ATM’s are going to rip you off, percentage-wise? I’m not going to spend that much money; maybe it doesn’t matter that much. But I don’t want to do something idiotic and be mad at myself later. Please advise.

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I would guess that withdrawing cash from an ATM is cheaper using a debit card than a credit card as the credit card company nomally charge you a fee on top of the higher rate of interest.

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I’m not sure about this one. You should call your bank and ask… or call the credit card company. The whole system is run through what ever little mark is at the top of your card.. be it, ‘Master Card’ or ‘Visa Electron’....‘Bank Axept’

Just a little heads-up:
There’s a scam going on here in Europe and… well my husband got pinged in Brazil last month. He went to what looked like a normal ATM and got money out. But what it was, was a card scanner. It stole his information, the thieves made a duplicate card from a blank and stole 38,000kr from his account. (his holiday pay had just been given to him)... they got his card and several of his colleagues who were out that night for dinner together.

BE CAREFUL what ATMs you use. If it looks fishy, find another one. Use ones INSIDE of banks if you can, they’re probably safer.

Of course, the bank is insured for this stuff, but they didn’t pay back all of the money and didn’t give a reason (don’t like our bank here and looking at moving our accounts…) and it took them time to reimburse so it can ruin a holiday.

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take some cash and also your credit

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For two prepareing.

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credit cards charge a percentage for international use, usually 3%, plus the exchange rate. Call them to tell them you are using it, or it can be frozen for suspicious activity. Call and ask all the questions about fees for using abroad when you are giving dates and location of trip.
and atm charges and percentage of cash advance rate on credit cards is sky high. dont do.
take travellers cheques. and go into banks.
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Credit card will charge you interest on withdrawals, (most) debit cards won’t. And most ATMs in the UK do not now add a charge for debit card withdrawals, although you’re best to use ones at banks, and avoid the “stand-alone” ATMs you sometimes find in bars and shops.

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One word to the wise – don’t ever pay for meals in restaurants with your debit card when out of state. I am not sure why they are such a target, but many of my friends and myself, too, have been victims of debit card fraud soon after doing so.

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