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How to get into a german university to do an internship?

Asked by aniisback (73points) July 1st, 2010

I am a mechanical engineering student doing my 3rd year BE.i would like to do an internship in a german university this summer.i would be glad if internship covered my expenses over there.please help me with a few practical options

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You’re too late for this summer. This is July 1st, and for all practical purposes, the summer is over. You will need to apply for summer internships some time between October and January preceding the summer that you want to attend. You might want to check with your university study abroad program, your engineering school placement office office. (My one daughter has been working on placement for fall 2011 since February 2010; last year, the other began working on a summer position in France in October, 2008 for June 2009.)

Something to keep in mind when you are looking for employment in a specific field, hiring decisions typically can take 4 – 8 weeks. Finding an internship is a good rehearsal for finding employment after graduation.

If by “BE” you mean biomedical engineering, you may find this helpful.

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thanks guys…

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Your university should have an exchange program where you pay tuition to your school and get to study abroad. And yes, it’s too late for this year. In general, you need start working on next summer’s applications in October. Program deadlines can be anywhere from October to January for next summer.

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My son is a self taught German language student. He want to travel and would also like to attend school in Germany. Thanks for the information I will be passing along this information even though I did not initially inquire for answers. @aniisback Thanks for asking.

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