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How to apply to german universities for summer internship?

Asked by aniisback (73points) August 16th, 2010

I am third year mechanical B.E student. I would love to do an internship during this summer in any german university. Please give me a few references, its modus operandi, and few tips on scholarship available.

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At my university they have an “International Affairs” office. They have a list of foreign schools that have programs/courses of different duration that can taken for credits at my current school. Take advantage of your school’s connections.

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Dude, you asked this same question a month ago. Is there some reason you’re not doing through your university services? Usually engineering schools have great placement services, and universities in general place their student in foreign universities. You will not be able to do an internship at a university with an undergrad degree. You can, however, study abroad for the summer, but if you work it through your university, you may be able pay the same tuition rate that you pay now, and financial aid would apply.

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Google the DAAD. I believe that they offer some fellowships for working at German universities.

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