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Why is everything I type italicized?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) July 1st, 2010

I probably spelled that word wrong. I’ve noticed over the last week or so that everything I type here is italicized. It’s is fluther or is it something on my end? If it is me, can someone help me get it sorted, please?

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I don’t see any italics in this post.

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If we’re not seeing it but you are, probably you’ve accidentally hit a key combination that locked in italics. Did you try rebooting?

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Yeah, it’s stuck like this. I haven’t hit anything that I know of, but it’s only fluther that’s being affected.

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Did you do something that changed the default display font on your computer?

Do you see everything italicized (yes, you did spell it correctly), or only what you type? Are other people’s posts in italics?

If it’s what you type, what happens when you try to create italics by placing an underscore character ( _ ) before and after text? Do the italics stop?

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@Jeruba My posts as I’m typing them and when they are posted are italicized. Everyone else’s posts, the community feed, the profiles, everything is in italics on my screen. When I try to emphasize a word using the underscore, it doesn’t show a difference at all to me. That’s why it’s weird because every other web site I visit is normal. It’s only here that it does it. I dunno.

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This is very, very strange. It’s definitely something on your end, because we can’t see the italics. I would try this: Log out of Fluther. Clear your cache/internet history/footprints. Then X out of the internet. Restart your browser and/or your computer. See if that fixes it for you.

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@py_sue, type this line for us:

This line is coded for italics.

Put the underscore character right before and after it, and post.

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This line is coded for italics.

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The last line you wrote is in italics. Everything else is normal.

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@worriedguy Not to me :) I can’t figure out why.

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Well, that pretty much proves it’s something on your end. The coded line comes through properly in italics. So the fluther site is recognizing your formatting: regular vs. italics.

This oddity goes way beyond my technical capabilities or even ability to guess. I can only speculate that somehow you’ve clobbered your home version of the default font that fluther’s pages specify. Or perhaps there’s an incompatibility in the encoding of fluther’s interface and something you’ve got on your system.

Breaking things like this is one of my specialties; nobody can ever explain the weirdnesses that come up for me. So I can only sympathize.

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