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What are some good conversation starters, as a kid?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5906points) July 2nd, 2010

Okay, whenever i meet someone new, i always start out talking to them by complementing them on something, (even though it doesnt look that good, but sometimes it really does.)

Anyway, i was wondering if anybody knew any conversation starters besides, “Hey, whats your name?”.

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Activities are good. “Do you play video games?” “Do you skate?” Then follow up. “Which ones do you like?” “Where do you skate?”

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You could start the day listening or watching the news. There is always some tidbit that can be used to start a conversation.

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try “where do babies come from” a few times.

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“Hey, what’s your favourite colour… of person?”

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As a kid with Aspergers Syndrome (didn’t know what it was called back then), I had no clue how to do such things. Even as an adult I’m not a great conversationalist.

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“Hey, did you ever hear such-and-such band? I just heard this song yesterday and it’s been in my head all day, awesome tune though!

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I often start off with a quick explanation of a recently observed natural phenomenon. People seem to love hearing the reason moths fly round and round point-sources of light.

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I always break the ice with some humor or a complement.

But..then again, I am never at a loss for words. lol

As a kid it was so much easier…not too many adults walk up to someone they think they’d like to know and say..‘Hey, wanna come over to my house and see my dog?’ lol

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Where do you want to retire?
Do you know of a good attorney?
Are you going to open a Roth IRA or 401 K?
Ever date anyone famous?

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@Cruiser – She’s 13, dude.

Oh, wait, I see what you did there. Heh.

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@aprilsimnel She sounded very mature! ;)

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Well..ya never know, a 13 yr.old COULD be planning their retirement or needing an attorney…kids..they grow up so fast! haha

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@Coloma, @Cruiser and @aprilsimnel My brother starting buying stock at the age of 12 with his paper route money. I’ve read the letters he wrote to our grandfather asking for his advice and recommendations.

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My three year old pushes them down, and then says “Oops, excuse me, let me help you up, my name is…..., what’s yours?”

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When asking questions, focus on ones that can’t be answered with yes or no. Ask open-ended questions instead. e.g. What _____ do you like best? What do you most like to do for fun?

Such questions give you a chance to find out more about them and how well they express themselves.

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