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What do the lyrics "love is old, love is new" mean to you?

Asked by Riser (3485points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone

the lyrics are from the Beatles song “Because”

I am interested to know, besides the obvious, what Love is old, love is new means to you.

I am hoping for unconventional answers.

Thanks jellies

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Tell you a story about a older man who met a friend for early morning coffee. As it got closer to 9am he kept looking at his watch. So the friend asked, “do need to be somewhere? The man said it’s nearly time foe me to meet my wife for breakfast as I do each morning. The friend asked is your wife at home? Oh no she’s in a nursing home but we always have breakfast together. You see my wife has altimers (sp) and she don’t remember me. The friend responded by questing him, “why do you have to and be there at a certain time?” His reply blew me away. He said it’s not about her remembering me because I remeber her.
This couple had been married for over 60 yrs. They had old love that stayed new by keeping the old new.

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I’m sure this isn’t as unconventional as you like, but to me it’s just a way to say that love doesn’t understand age. Even if you’ve been in love for thirty years, you still feel like you’ve just met the (in a hetero male case) girl of your dreams.

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Fantastic answers Mike and Shorty. So helpful.

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