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What web website can I go to download free flash player for the Iphone?

Asked by saigaku (7points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone

I went to macrodia the website and try to download flash player…but the safari can’t download it.

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There is no flash player for the iPhone.

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Not yet anyway. Adobe announced today that they’re developing one with the iPhone SDK. We’ll probably see it in June.

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Oh yay! So awesome! That’ll be cool when iPhone has flash.

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Wow i didn’t know that; But won’t it be a massive battery drain.

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iPhones…don’t even have flash? What happened to ‘real internet’?

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Guys, you’re not going to see Flash on the iPhone any time soon. Nor will you see Java either, regardless of what Sun claims.

One of the restrictions of the iPhone 2.0 SDK is that 3rd party interpreted/downloaded code will not be allowed.

And here’s what happened to the “real Internet”.

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Yeah, looks like Adobe revised their statement and said they could begin working on one with the new SDK, but wouldn’t be able to implement and deploy it without more funcionality than what Apple offers in the SDK.

I guess the answer is “maybe,” but I’m not holding my breath.

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yah, @ben, you’re right.

Sounds like Adobe’s buzz is wearing off a bit.

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