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Has anyone else noticed that the average intelligence on Fluther drops considerably on weekends?

Asked by SmashTheState (14228points) July 3rd, 2010

I haven’t been on Fluther for very long, but I’ve noticed that there’s quite a jarring difference between the generally thoughtful answers (and intriguing questions) which get asked on weekdays, and the more… Yahoo!ish feeling on weekends. The political balance also shifts farther to the right on weekends, it seems. Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone have any explanations?

(As an anarchist I am fascinated by voluntary communities and their dynamics. I’ve spent about 15 years experimenting with various sorts of voluntary communities on IRC, for example, seeing how, say, a channel organized on the basis of a constitutional, direct democracy compares over the long term with a channel organized along more laissez-faire, mutualist lines. Fluther is proving to be quite interesting to me, quite apart from the actual questions and answers.)

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I think it’s just a fluke that you happened to notice this on weekends. Fluther is cyclical, and sometimes there are days of boredom and idiocy, with a sudden and unexpected burst of thoughtful compelling content

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Well, this weekend it’s dropped because I’m not on so much….:-) but generally, I agree with @dpworkin that there are unexplainable troughs and peaks.

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U am usually too absorbed or too bored to notice. O suppose you are charting this? Just curious—in what way are you an anarchist, and in what way is fluther so fascinating to you? [U am not correcting the typos. This is what happens when the letters are rubbed off your keyboard]

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Well, I get stupid after a few beers, though my political views are pretty much the same regardless of my sobriety or lack thereof.

@anartist The “I” key is between U and O. You’re typing too fast ;)

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I have not noticed what you are saying that you have noticed.

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Naw man, I ain’t seed dat. ~

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@jerv I have to count in from half a Y on one side and P on the ither. but thanks.

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Not really – I think there are just less people, in general.

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Maybe the authoritarian (and usually homophobic!) huntin’-peckers have more time on weekends to slowly write out their poorly thought out, typo-ridden screeds while occasionally refocusing to wipe the drool off their keyboards.

However, they seem active on Yahoo! all week long. Not just on Yahoo!Answers, but also commenting on the news stories. obama is soclist okk?

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Hope it’s not MY fault. This is my first weekend back.

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I’m with @Simone_De_Beauvoir. There are just fewer people active on the weekends. Harder to find the gold when there’s not as much of it around!

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@augustlan What – you think people would rather go to barbeques and hang out with their families than Fluther? What is the world coming to!

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I guess you are ditching your family today, @janbb?

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Hey – sometimes even Bubbies need a break!

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I am sure that some people who work all week just do not get to Fluther until the weekend. Perhaps people who work all week are more right leaning, and less thoughtful and interesting than those who use Fluther on weekdays.

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@Austinlad Yes, I noticed that you were back. Welcome! We missed you.

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@josie Doubtful. I work all week and yet I am here daily.

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“Has anyone else noticed that the average intelligence on Fluther drops considerably on weekends?”

Uh… How intelligent is it to ask this question during the weekend?

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Now I’m afraid to answer on the weekends.

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I haven’t been paying enough attention to notice this, really. I guess maybe people just let themselves loose on the weekends.

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@marinelife, missed y’all, too.

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I don’t think all question are obliged to show how intelligence we are(I don’t think there’s a rule about that here). This is a site with quite diverse people. Please don’t judge this site based on your personal expectation.

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I just noticed this.

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