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Which transformer toy is the hardest/more for adult/collector?

Asked by linuxgnuru (207points) July 5th, 2010

I was wondering out of all the transformer toys ever made, which one(s) were very hard to transform; very detailed / articulated joints? I’m just wondering because I’d like something highly posable (maybe for stop-frame moving making) but not for ages 3–10.

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Probably the AFA Graded 80 G1 Transformers Seacons Piranacon Giftset, as it currently goes for about 10k on ebay

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@zenele ouch! (soon to be removedbyfluthermoderators)

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I know the Movie version of Optimus Prime, the one who stands about a foot tall, took a friend and I about 20 minutes to transform from one form to the other, no matter how many times we practiced or used the instructions. We tried making the “eehoawghoouaw” noise they make when they transform, but we ran out of breath.

Accurate, fun, definitely more for adults and older kids.

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Try some of the “Masterpiece Collection” ones. They usually retail high, but walmart has one of skywarp on clearance. It’s about a foot tall and a remake of the classic transformer only with more detail, higher difficulty and more articulation. Other than that, some of the larger movie transformers are awesome as @unused_bagels said.

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