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How Would You Decorate a Nine Yr Old Girl's Birthday Cake?

Asked by Aster (19984points) July 5th, 2010

This girl is turning nine . Her mother has family members turn in sketches for a custom made birthday cake which is often a 2 layer wedding cake design. Last year the winner drew big flowers and butterflies. I’m thinking of “imagine” with cats and dogs together and a peace sign (she wears peace sign earrings)but it’s probably too complex.
Any ideas? She loves butterflies and animals.

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how bout a tie dye looking cake?

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@jca that would be pretty! ((-:

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If it’s usually a two tier cake you can have the top cake with a theme of land animals; like lions, monkeys, giraffes, etc. You can make a little scenario about one main animal or of a bunch of them.
The bottom tier could be an underwater theme. Around it you can have coral and multicolored fish swimming by and each of the fishes could have a letter so they spell her name. Then maybe have a giant octopus on the cake holding a happy birthday sign.

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I like the octupus garden….....

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