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Is there anyone else that misses the good old, "Removed By Fluther Moderators"?

Asked by Blondesjon (33974points) July 5th, 2010

Let the record show that I have never bitched about any of the changes made to this site and/or the folks who run it.

That said, I kinda miss the old message that let me know I had done . . . something. It felt more, I don’t know, personal and maybe a little dirty.

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I miss it. A little.

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I totally miss it.

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@Blondesjon: Say the word, and I would be delighted to send you public and nasty messages on a regular basis. xox, Milo

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Not particularly. The current alternative pretty much amounts to the same level of, ’‘damn it, you ass sack’’, anyways.

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I hate the new style. I want to know who posted smack.

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I miss it. Now I can’t keep score. I’m pretty sure dpworkin was in the lead with the most removed answers. ;)

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I too miss it. I feel like we’ve all been made to wear helmets while tricycling or we’ve stopped keeping score because “everyone’s a winner”.

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@jonsblond I agree, @dpworkin was winning, now I can’t tell who is in the lead. How else will I determine who to include in my fluther?

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Um, what’s the new style? And why isn’t this a “meta” question?

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I think I might just have posted another candidate for removal, but my mods-to-post ratio is going down.

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I love smack downs;)

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Removed By Fluther Moderators

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@Cruiser Totally saw that coming.

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You know what, if it pisses off @Blondesjon it pisses off Supermouse. Period. I totally miss the good old Removed by Fluther Moderators.

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@Symbeline i was hoping for an entire thread full of them

@SuperMouse i miss you stewart. howzit been going?

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Removed By Fluther Moderators

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@Blondesjon Yeah, I miss Stewart too. Wish @SuperMouse would bring him back.

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Awww, you guys are so sweet for caring. Stewart has returned!

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Where did they go? this is news to me.

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@john65pennington Instead of having the quip relaced by ”Removed by Fluther Moderators” it now shows a small line where the quip used to be saying “Response moderated (Unhelpful)” (Or whatever the reason is), and it no longer shows who posted that moderated quip.
You can see examples here

I like the change, actually. I hated how, previously, it seemed so mysterious to the user as to why the quip was moderated. I always wanted to know whether it was removed for being flame bait, or because it was spam, or off-topic, etc.

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Yes, and the occasional redactions or pseudo-redactions by either mods or posters [removed by cia, removed by mossad, removed by fbi, removed by the borg etc]. These variants occasionally still appear placed by posters [thank you zenele]. The “removed by Fluther Moderators” also did not conceal who did the dirty, and if you were aching to know you could ask the poster. That is what I miss the most.

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Yes, it was a lot more fun to play with when you removed your own answers or people removed their own answers than the current configurations. People came up with some very funny and interesting things to go after the ”Removed by Fluther Moderators…

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The moderators…God love ‘em…are a fine bunch. However, they seem to be more liberal about posts these days. I’d have to say that I liked the old way. But, the moderators heard the opposite back then.

You can’t make all the flutherers happy all of the time.

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I’m not used to the new moderation phrase yet… but I’m sure it’ll grow on me.

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I think they should get more creative, and, say, use something different each week. As jjmah and the other goyim here seem to enjoy yiddishisms – how about starting off with:

Oy! (typo, grammar)

Oy Vey. (off topic)

Vey iz Mir! Vat’s de metter mit you? (personal attack).

Next week could be Star Trek themed, then perhaps Bratz, etcetera.

(Those who are going to be insulted by the “goyim” remark, can kiss this jewboy’s butt.) ;-)

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@zenele I would kiss your jewboy’s butt in a heartbeat dear; if only we weren’t separated by miles and miles of ocean and desert. :-)

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And 7 hours difference – which means it’s waaaaaaay past your bedtime. Nighty night, dear.

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I liked to see who had been dishing the nasty but I think it fed into my my more prurient side, rather than my better angel.

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@janbb but didn’t you ever get curious enough to ask the offender? I asked @dpworkin a few times.

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@zenele Ideally, the culture of moderator explanations could be an option that users can configure.

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Removed by the Fluther moderators (because)

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Removed by the Fluther moderators (just because)

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@anartist Everyone is curious sometimes as to why something was modded – and if you“know” a person well enough, you PM them as to why it was removed.

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@zenele that is exactly what I do. See ^^x5

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