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What are some Yoga poses for Scoliosis?

Asked by SaraG777 (19points) July 5th, 2010

About 2 weeks ago I joined a local Yoga class because I was diagnosed with Scoliosis of the spine. Does anyone know some specific yoga poses that help with Scoliosis?

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Here is a good article on scoliosis. Do make sure you tell your instructor about your back issue too!

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This is not yoga but maybe it will help; stretch your back by hanging from something with your hands, like a tree bough or a door sill or gym bars.
However, I feel uncomfortable suggesting you do anything not cleared by your doctor or physical therapist, so please check before you try it.

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I have mild scoliosis; I joined a Yoga class as I was doing hard labor working granite, and it was really hard on my back. I was very soon able to do almost all the poses without difficulty (I avoided standing on my head, as it seems to compress the spine—instead I used a backswing to hang upside down to stretch it out)..The complete stretching Yoga uses seems to be the key (for me) I really miss it and want to go again. I also enjoyed Tai Chi and Chi gong – you might look at that as well.

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@BluRhino makes a good point in avoiding head stands!!

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I’m not sure if this pose is made for scoliosis, but it flexes and stretches your back. Maybe it’ll be of a little help to you. You kneel on all fours, arch your back downward (your stomach should curve towards the ground) while your head stretches to the sky and elongates upward. Breath in for the “cow”, and breathing out, arch your back upwards while dropping your head to the floor. Do the second part, the “cat”, while breathing out. Be careful not to take this to extremes, and consult someone before you try this out just in case it hurts your back and causes something worse. Good luck!

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Inversions are great for scoliosis, just go easy on yourself, listen to your body and ease into it. The more you can do to support and strengthen your spine, the better. This is a really good breakdown of inversions and their benefits for scoliosis.

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I am not sure about scoliosis, but I think many yoga poses are great for your back and spine. My favorite are Cobra Pose, Bow Pose, Wheel Pose and forward bending poses.

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