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Circle contacts - attractive or creepy?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26784points) July 6th, 2010

Today was the first time I’ve heard of such a thing. At the moment they are not legal for sale in the USA, but I wonder if being so popular they will be manufactured and sold here soon. They seem to come in an endless rainbow of colors from natural to otherworldly – and the intention is to make the iris look considerably bigger.

I’m fascinated by this.. I can’t decide if I think it’s amazing or just plain creepy. What do you think?

Photo 1

Video 1

Video 2

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A pal of mine has violet-coloured contacts. After a while I forget she has them in. The photo you’ve linked to doesn’t look especially creepy or Keane-esque to me.

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The picture you link does not have the same eyes in the before and after pictures so the difference is deceptive and probably not as pronounced as they’ve made it out to appear here.

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@downtide If you google other pictures, some of them are quite extreme… even the particular image used on the ABC news video (video #1) is pretty shocking. Check it out at 1:41.

edit: nevermind, I just watched the official video and she said the extra big eyes were computer generated. WHEW.

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I think people have done worse things to themselves over stupider reasons. I don’t think people should wear contact lenses unless they have a sight issue and then if they do, they can wear these but only after an optometrist prescribes them. As to whether the anime/doe-eye look is attractive to me, not so much.

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If it is as it appears, it’s creepy.

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This is an interesting coincidence… just last night, I was pondering whether I should begin to think about a Halloween costume, and I thought about getting contacts as part of it.

I think it would be cool to have the black schlera contacts like on this page. Reminds me of Willow doing her witchcraft on Buffy.

The problem is that most (if not all) the pictures on these contacts sites are doctored, so I don’t know what they’ll REALLY look like, which makes it difficult to justify spending the money for them because they’re not cheap. Not saying I want cheap contacts – just that I want it to be worth what (if) I pay.

Back to the original question, I think it depends. I’ve seem some pretty unusual natural eye colors/patterns, so it’s probably a matter of how drastically unnatural the contacts are, and how long you’ve been looking at them. ;) The ones you’ve pictured in particular don’t create any reaction from me either attractive or creepy.

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Skip to 1:52
I think it is meh…..However the eye jewelry thing is just stupid.

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@Spider now THOSE are creepy. Great for Halloween.

@judochop I’ve seen those before, and they really do freak me out. What a gross concept, in my opinion. :\

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With all due respect. If being worn for more then fun…


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It’s not just creepy, it’s stupid, in my opinion. Who the hell wants to look that unnatural? Oh, hi there, Heidi Montag. Besides, if I don’t need to stick something in my eye, I’m not going to do so voluntarily.

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Ladies, please. You don’t need them.

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Why? (would anyone want them)

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@jjmah I can’t figure that part out, either.

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In the ABC story where they were showing that Asian girl with and with out them….she looked way prettier without them in IMNSHO.

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I thought they only worked on asian people thats the only people ive ever seen wear it i like em i guess

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@trailsillustrated from what I gather they are very popular among asian girls, but the trend it spreading.

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Depends on how well the colors blend into the regular eye color. If they just circle the iris with a different color then it’ll look way fake and dumb but not creepy.

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Interesting, but why do people want to look like little girl cartoons?

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