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Anyone know of a product that gives a "sheen" to bare legs?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) May 29th, 2010

Summer is coming…and I would like to ditch my winter tights. I know there must be a product that gives a nice sheen/shine to bare legs because I have seen them in photos and on presenters. I have no clue as to what that would be? Perhaps a moisturizer?

Any ideas what product can do this? I am not talking about a self-tanning product…just something that gives the same light-diffusing sheen to legs that you can get to illuminate your face. It makes your legs look a bit less like porridge. :) Hope that makes sense.

Thanks so much….I hope the sun is shining where you are!

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Cocoa butter.

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Find a good spray on body oil, like hemp oil or others.

Spray on your legs while still slightly wet right after showering, the ‘sheen’ will remain for hours. :-)

Also there are several shimmering lotions that create a subtle glitter effect such as Jergens soft shimmer body lotion.

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Olay Quench body lotion. It’s great lotion.

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Oh man. @Silhouette stole my answer.
Yeah. This stuff is great. It has these little shimmers in it that make your legs look wonderful. Plus it smells really good.

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CALL ME!! I’ll tell you if it works..:)

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Turtle wax

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During WW2,many women couldn’t get silk stockings,so they whipped egg whites and rubbed on their legs for a shine. I remember my grandmother telling me this. Haven’t tried it – don’t recommend it. Just saying.

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Use lots of moisturizing lotion.
My mother told me that women not only applied the egg whites but drew a seam up the back since stockings were silk and had seams then, the silk was used for parachutes.

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If you salt or sugar scrub your legs before you shave them, that helps too. Gets rid of the dull, dead skin and gives a longer lasting shave as well.

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Try a dry oil body spray. You can find this in a range of prices.

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I third Olay Quench. I love that lotion. (...and it does smell really good.)

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WD-40 works fast but it doen’t last. I suggest sewing machine oil or EVOO.

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Hey everyone…and thank you!!!!

I went to the shops today…and sure enough…NO Olay Quench anything on the shelves in the UK…sheesh. I got two products: Soap and Glory “Glow-tion” and Dove’s “Supreme Silky Smooth Lotion” which was on mega-sale. (Actually both were.) I have road-tested (leg-tested?) them. “Glow-tion” has a bit more sparkle and luminosity than Dove’s product, but both work fairly well. “Glow-tion” also has a fab scent. This is for anyone in the UK who might be wondering about a product for summer. Now, I’m curious to get some Olay Quench from the States…and to try some of the other suggestions, too.

Thanks to everyone for answering and giving such great tips. Here’s some lurve to all from the UK….oh and @Dr_Lawrence…the WD 40 I’ll pass on. I’d be afraid to slip and then slide all the way to Paris….now…hmmm…..there’s a thought! :)

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I go with Cruiser—Turtle wax. Or, try baby oil (you have to towel off the excess).

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I’d whip up shea butter and rice bran oil, but I make natural bath products and have lots of fun ingredients in my cupboard. I’m not a big fan of the silicone type ingredients that are in many ‘Dry Wax’ products. Jojoba oil isn’t an oil at all, but a wax and does a lovely job of protecting and moisturising skin and hair. Canola oil is a semi-dry oil and mixed with Almond oil, it makes for a lovely light, natural moisturiser. There are pearlisers that can be added for sheen.

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extra virgin organic coconut oil is great stuff, get it in jars from a health foods shop and it melts at body temperature- best moisturiser out there. moisturise regularly (especially after tanning) and exfoliate :)

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I make my own body spray. I won’t go into all the essential oils I use since it has no bearing on shine, but the base is olive and jojoba oils. The shine lasts all day and doesn’t feel particularly greasy.

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I have never tried this myself so use with caution… and probably not right after shaving, but since it is a product safe for hair anyway, it must be safe to use just a little of the shine product that you put into your hair? It contains silicone which is high gloss. Remember, try at your own risk… I have never done this.

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Well, it’s Jan. 2012 now, but I’m going to GQ this question anyway, because about the time it was first posted, I was wondering to myself, “Why do all the TV ladies have slimy legs these days?” Whenever I saw an actress on a talk show, they would have a heavy film of some kind of oil on their legs instead of pantyhose. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m just sayin’. And any other clichés that apply.

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I like to use just a tad bit of Coco Butter gel, a little goes a long way!

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