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When Scotty on Star Trek would say, "I am doing the best I can captain, was he telling the truth?"

Asked by trainerboy (1307points) March 19th, 2008

He always acted like he couldn’t get things done and then things always worked. I think he was slacking, maybe he was union and didn’t care about whether or not they would escape the Romulans or whoever was threatening to blast them out of the universe. Was he slacking or just being dramatic for attention?

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Of course he wasn’t doing his best. I mean, sure he was making am heroic attempt, but he always had that last bit of reserve to draw on. Aren’t we all like that with our bosses? You always want to keep a few tricks up your sleeve for the day your fingered to above and beyond. My theory anyway.

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Oh come on! This is Scotty we’re talking about here. I have no doubt he always did his Scotty best!!!

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I think this question would be more appropriate for Linkedin! Too deep for Fluther users.

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I think Scotty’s words were put in his mouth by scriptwriters, who realized that if Scotty never looked frazzled and was always confident that things would be fixed with hours to spare, there would be no dramatic tension.

It’s just a TV show, and one that’s notorious for inconsistencies. You’re reading way too much into it.

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Its just a TV show? Crap! Nobody ever told me!!! Those guys!!!

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Maybe Scotty had a confidence problem… well, not really a problem, but, you know, he had to be pushed to get the best results out of him. He needed attention from Kirk to reassure him that he played an important role and to motivate him to push beyond what he thought were the limits of his capability.

Also, the audience needed a reason to gasp in suspense.

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If you remember, in TNG he told Geordi that you should always give your captain an overestimate on how much it will take, so that you look good.

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basic principle of work under promise, over deliver.

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good answer kevbo. I was always wondering what it was about him that he didn’t seem to think he could get it done and why they didn’t fire his ass and cast him off into outer space.

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Didn’t they end up doing just that?

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Rest in peace sweet James McDoohan.

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