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Hippies? Love em, respect em or let em live in the forest?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) July 7th, 2010

My family is dominated by powerful women who truly turn up their noses at the hippie way. Tie dyes, free spirit, music, love, freedom.
They look down on me and it has affected my self-esteem. They say I’m rebellious. I’ve been a teacher, worked for a non-profit, done good for the world, intelligent, yet fluther is the only community who listens. I dont mother the hippies as much due to fibro.
Do you think hippies have good intentions, it’s cool how music moves us, and we do have love. Or do you think like my Mom and sister?

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Some hippies are just rich kids with too much time and guilt. Others are simply seeking their own truth and trying to live more simply. I don’t think of them as a group as there are many subsets.

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Incredible answer gemiwing!!!!

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ok this funnny bcuz hippie is my nickname! im called a hippie bcuz im so free spiritd and open and full of love but i dont dress like a hippie and im not like a pot smoker or anything!! i think your like me and your mom and sister should apprieciate how open you are and stuff!

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I envy the true hippie for their unencumbered lifestyle but I could not do that forever. I had a lot of hippies as friends but at some point in time even they grew out of it. My brother is a close as they come to a life long hippie and still doesn’t own a pair of dress shoes and never has and I doubt he ever will.

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I respect the lifestyle if it is self-bought. That was my generation but I could not stand the thought of dirty feet sliding between the sheets.
I missed out on some things but slept really well.

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There are no more hippies. You just choose to live your life a certain way. You are also an adult. Worrying about pleasing the more judgemental people in your family shouldn’t be such a concern and it shouldn’t effect your self-esteem.

When these family members begin to complain to you about your lifestyle, ask them to tell you what they have done with their lives that’s so great.

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I think what matters is what kind of person you are on the inside not what your outer trappings look like.

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Love ‘em, except for a few details on politics and personal hygiene.

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I’d tend to agree with @gemiwing. I’m inclined to respect people on a person to person basis, as opposed to a collective group. However, I have respect for anyone who chooses to seek their own truth and live freely. I’m more drawn to such people. I’d describe myself as free spirited.
Funnily enough @jazmina88, I’ve a few people in my own life who view life quite differently to myself, but each to their own. We all have our own path to follow.

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Love ‘em.

Though today’s “hippies” are just a reflection of the past.

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my self-esteem is rising…...
Fluther can help overcome family dysfunction and emotional abuse. Keep it up!!!!

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There are still hippies?? I didn’t know that. Anyway, they’re fine with me as long as they don’t have the attitude that says: “I want to live simply. I don’t need possessions. Materialism turns me off. But could you “loan” me $500? And, I need a ride.” If they are Truly free spirits and wanting to live very simply I see nothing wrong with them. All I’d ask for is some honesty about what they Really want out of life.

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Let’em do their thing!

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My mom is an ex hippie extremist but we let her live inside the house anyway.

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Hippies make the world go round. Well maybe not so much as lawyers or doctors, but hippies provide a good counterbalance to the rushed pace of the modern world. I’ve always been a bit of a hippie and now that I’ve moved out to my farm in the country I am more so a hippie, and let me tell you I do believe it is the path to ultimate happiness! At least it is for me. If you are happy with what you do, then thumb your nose right back at the prissy folk who look down on you. They thumb you because they do not understand how one could be happy being so different from themselves. By understanding this, and being comfortable in your own skin, you rise above them.

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Hippies are peace-loving folks. I think the only mistake they ever made in the years after 1968 was not setting boundaries for their children. But unlike skinheads or punks, hippies have always been capable of learning from their mistakes.

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I’d live with them in the forest! :D They’re easy going, simple people and (unless violence is instigated) are peaceful folk. What’s not to love?

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