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Have you been to a wedding with an outrageously disruptive guest?

Asked by MissAusten (16142points) July 7th, 2010

What did this person do, and how did other guests deal with him or her?

My husband and I recently went to a wedding where one guest was so intoxicated that she continually disrupted events and had everyone in shock. I’d never seen anything like it, but she can’t have been the only guest to behave inappropriately at a wedding. What’s your experience?

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4 of them now…every time my MIL is loud and plowed! Everyone just hopes she finally passes out!

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I had an outrageously disruptive pastor.

The (expletive) told jokes before and during the ceremony. And they weren’t even good. It was completely inappropriate and unacceptable.

I want a wedding do-over. Srsly.

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A few years back I was at a wedding & well, some of the women there took a shine to me.I was offered & in one case forced a lap dance.My crotch must have been fondled dozens of times.Amazing how some women of a particular age act like nympho’s after a sip of sherry. Needless to say I refused any offer of rumpy pumpy, good god i’d have been gone for days.

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@Cruiser, @Seek_Kolinahr and @ucme Well, at least the weddings were memorable. ;)

At this recent wedding, the guest in question was clearly very drunk when she arrived for the ceremony. She had to be shushed several times for yelling out during the vows, and only got crazier as the night went on. At the reception, she was asked to leave her assigned table because she was so obnoxious and out of control. When the dancing started, her…um…moves had everyone staring and dropping their jaws. She was grabbing herself, falling down, literally jumping on guys. She’d jump on a guy, wrap her legs around his waist, then lean all the way back so her head almost hit the floor. She was walked outside by friends several times, but attempts to curb her behavior just didn’t work.

Oh, and it was very clear to everyone that she was not wearing anything under her dress.

Most of us were torn between laughing and feeling embarrassed for her. It was as sad as it was shocking and funny.

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@ucme – Are you sure you aren’t mistaking that situation for a video you may have watched last night before you went to sleep, perhaps?

I have only been to 5 weddings in my life, and none of them have been disrupted.

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@aprilsimnel Well that would certainly be a horror movie with a hint of bawdy mischief. Leaves me emotionally scarred just thinking about it. Besides, my bedtime viewing involves me, the wife & on a good night her sister.There was three in the bed & the little one said WHOO HOO!!! ;¬}

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@aprilsimnel You must run with a classier crowd!

I’ve been to a couple other weddings that had some issues. Once, the bride became hysterical because her stepfather wouldn’t dance with her. She locked herself in a bathroom and wouldn’t come out, so the reception kind of stalled. It seemed like karma at the time, her being quite the bridezilla.

At my own wedding reception, my mom got a little tipsy and started dancing like she thought she was on a Vegas stage. My mother-in-law had taken valium to calm her nerves before the ceremony and it made her sick. She threw up on a table at the reception, but luckily almost no one saw it and the restaurant staff swooped in quickly to clean up.

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@MissAusten – Classy, maybe one or two. The others were of straitlaced Baptists from my extended Queens, NY family. No boozing, hysterics or, as @ucme so eloquently put it, rumpy-pumpy, in any rooms off the corridors of the reception halls.

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@MissAusten I don’t understand why this guest was not booted out of the wedding and barred from returning.

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@marinelife I don’t know why either. I guess she has been a good friend of the bride, and several other wedding guests, since they were all teenagers. From what I understand, she developed a serious drug habit but turned to alcohol when she could no longer afford the drugs. Her friends haven’t given up on her, and maybe they felt too sympathetic to just kick her out of the wedding. Her date seemed like quite a sleaze, and if he’d been any kind of decent guy he’d have just insisted on taking her home. I’d never met either of them before, but in retrospect I wish I’d have gone up to the guy and suggested he take her back to their hotel. :(

When my husband was younger and hung out with all of these people regularly, he knew this girl pretty well. She was always wild, he said, but nothing like what we saw at the wedding. I was also surprised no one from the staff at the reception asked her to leave. This was a rather upscale place, and you’d think that kind of craziness wouldn’t be tolerated.

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A very long time ago, I attended a wedding where my Aunt Rose had had a snoot full and was very frisky and flirtatious with an man not physically attached to their wifes. She did not disrupt the ceremony but she was an embarrassment at the reception.

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Hopefully any videos of her performance will be a wake-up call.

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