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How do companies usually contact you about interviews?

Asked by Zone36 (413points) July 7th, 2010

After you’ve applied for a job, how do companies get in contact with you?

Do they call you for an interview?
Do they shoot you an email telling you to contact them?
If they send you an email, do they ever put attachments on?

The reason I’m asking is my ‘professional’ email has a tiny limit on file size. It forwards emails to my bigger account, but I am worried that if they tried sending me an email with an attachment(information and whatnot) it might get rejected and sent back.

So have you ever heard of any companies contacting applicants in such a way?

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They call usually. If your email might bounce messages do not give your email address as a contact.

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If you’ve already filled out an application for employment ( as I’m assuming you have at this point ), then it’s rather unlikely they would send you an attachment of any significant size.

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I’ve never had an employer send an e-mail as the first contact. They’ve always called.

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They call.

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If the company is interested, they will call. A word of advise, make sure your voicemail/answering device has a professional sounding recording on it if you want to be taken seriously. Also, return the call back to the potential employer quickly. When calling, be sure to be in a place somewhere pretty quiet, no loud music or screaming kids in the background.
Best wishes in your job search!

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@betterdays Is correct. It will be a phone call. The absolute worst thing you can do is force the potential employer to listen to 35 seconds of your favorite music. Make everything about the voice-mail sound like you are the CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation.

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I had to call someone back for an interview, and after listening to some awful music, the message said, “Yo. Muthafucka, holla at your boy” This was a young man from a tier two school. Needless to say, my message included a request to come in for the interview, and a comment that he would be interviewing with me, and that one of the first questions he would be required to answer was why he felt using “muthafucka” on a voicemail message was a good idea. He didn’t get the job, despite having good academic qualifications; he was too much of a frat boy.

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Just ring the HR department , and ask them. Different companies have different way of working. Some may send an email to you to notify you for your first internview, then for the 2nd stage or so, they will probably call the selected ones. But usually, the email usually doesnt come with really big attachment, if there is , you probably already get the job with lots of documents to read and sign off.

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Phone call. Email to follow up on details, but phone call for the second round as well. That’s ‘s been my experience.

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For us here it depends on the postion and who is doing the recruiting. First contact is almost always done through HR and that is a phone call. Once you get past that interview they pass your info onto hiring managers and that contact is almost always through email, though I know of no hiring manager that sends an attachment. The more technical the job the more likely you will spend time on email

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If a hiring manager wants to schedule an interview, most will contact the applicant via phone, as the date and time may need to be negotiated.

And yes, some hiring managers need to provide documents before the actual interview….at least, I did. For these interviews, I contacted the applicant personally so I could find out how they wanted to receive them. Some people wanted them sent to a different e-mail address or faxed.

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My experiene is that I get called for an appoint so that they can make an offer. Of course one company sent a couple guys out and got me drunk before they did it. I worked for them for 14 years until they wanted to send me to Findland for 6 months. Not enough liquor to keep me from freezing to death.

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