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Who is blond and partially named Jon and now kickin it in at the 20 K Mansion?

Asked by Cruiser (40401points) July 7th, 2010

She is blond and she is not Jon and she is finally in the 20 K mansion! Give it up Jellies!!

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jonsblond…...Blond blond so blond…...

You are awesome!!!! 20k!!

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Besides your ability to drink and fluther I admire the authenticity you bring to fluther, Congratulations!

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That would the lovely better half of the Blondsjon!!!!!!!!

The most awesome, sweetest, and kindest jelly!!!!!! A cool mama and a great friend!!


Me lurve you long, long long time.

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Yay! I’ve been waiting for you here in the 20K mansion. Congrats. Well deserved.

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WAY TO GOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! talk about a randomass thread to stumble into!
I honestly thought you already had 20k and were well on your way to 30… you certainly deserve it!

I’m very happy for you! Party time!!!!!!!

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Way to go, girlie! Bring on the cocktail hour. :)

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She might be Jon’s Blond,
But she’s always her own woman,
A hell of a person,
And one of my favorite jellies.

Congratulations @jonsblond!

It’s an honor to swim with you here.

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Congratulations @jonsblond that’s an awesome achievement :-)

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Oh yeah! I really like a congratulation party!(especially if it’s for @jonsblond)

So,Congratulation! And I would love to see the more of you here.

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Congratz @jonsblond, with that astounding amounting mountain of Lurve!

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Congratulations!! :)

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Way to go blondie :)

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Great job!!

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Is that the husband or the wife – I get them mixed up.


Happy 20 million lurverolla.

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now fucking come to bed . . .

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Hey blondie, you know what you are? Just a dirty son of a b…... No of course you’re not, rather a lurve hoarder extraordinaire. Congratulations!!!! ;¬}

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It’s no wonder why your husband and kids adore you and why everyone here lurves and respects you. You are a very cool and fun loving people person, and, you undeniably possess a heart of pure gold. Congratulations for a whole lot of lurve, all richly deserved.
See ya….Gary/wtf

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.·:¨¨:·. Hip .·:¨¨:·. Hip .·:¨¨:·. Hurray .·:¨¨:·. .·:¨¨:·. Hip .·:¨¨:·. Hip ·:¨¨:·. Hurray .·:¨¨:·.

ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø ! CONGRATULATION BLONDIE ! ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø

.·:¨¨:·. I Ditto All That “WTF” Just Said And Add, Let’s Paartaay .·:¨¨:·.

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Congratulations on your achievement! Much more lurve to follow no doubt!

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Hello! Welcome! ::hugs:: Congrats on making it here. We were waiting for you!

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Blonds do have more fun! Congratulations!

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Congratulations you are one of the best!

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Congratulations jonsblond!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep on lurvin’!

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Let’s get this party started! The 20k mansion is turning into one cool hangout.


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Wow! I just woke up and am rubbing my eyes, waiting for the coffee that’s brewing. Let me get a few cups in me so I can give a proper thank you to all of you! :D Thanks everyone!

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Woah! Congratulations to a favorite jellie of mine! I have long enjoyed your answers and your participation here on Fluther! So, you have reached the 20K threshold! Well deserved, girlfriend!

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How did I miss this??
@jonsblond You are one awesome jelly. You are one of the reasons I keep coming back, day after day. I am very proud to call you one of my jelly friends. And I love spending time with you and Jon on Friday nights.
Congratulations on 20K!

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I adore you lady! Congratulations to one heck of a Jelly, fellow midwesterner, fabulous mom, and all around great gal!

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Congratulations to one of my favorite people on all of the internet!

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Congrats Jons!! Keep posting.

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Congrats, @jonsblond! You’ve always been one of my favorite jellies ever since you joined. You’re funny, helpful, and always nice. You really deserve 20k, keep fluthering! :D

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Yippie!!! Congrats!

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How many blonds does it take to… reach twenty kay?

Apparently only one, and that’s no joke!


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Congratulations @jonsblond!

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Congratulations! Very well done!

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Way to slack on this one, @Blondesjon

Congrats, @jonsblond! We got off to a rough start when I first joined the collective, but I’m glad we’ve reached a level of mutual respect. Good to have you around :)

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sigh, another great partay. You guys have sooo much fun up in the big house.

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Holy crap! This is freaking awesome! Congratulations Ms. blond. We’ll look after the kids so you and Mr. jon can have some time to yourselves. ;)

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“I’ve been lurvin’ you soooo long…...”

You are a sweetheart, a great Mom, and a dear Fluther friend. What the fuck took you so long? Oh…you have a life, I guess.

Congratulations, J-B!! (love the initials too.)

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Yes! One of my favorite jellies is in the 20K castle! Congrats!

@jonsblond, you’re the best. I truly think that you, me, and the Mr. need to go on a camping trip sometime in the near future. I’ll bring the Evan Williams! ;) It’d be a blast!

Many, many congrats on the big achievement. Lurve!

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Congrats! 20K way to go!
So what does your room look like?

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This is an amazing, amplitudinous, astonishing, astronomical, awe-inspiring, beatified, bizarre, boundless, breathtaking, colossal, cosmic, daunting, eerie, elevated, ennobled, enormous, enshrined, exalted, excellent, formidable, galactic, gargantuan, gigantic, glorified, grand, heavenly, honorable, huge, immeasurable, immortal, imposing, incredible, infinite, lofty, mammoth, massive, mighty, monstrous, monumental, mountainous, moving, mysterious, overwhelming, prodigious, stirring, stunning, stupefying, stupendous, sublime, terrific, time-honored, titanic, tremendous, unbelievable, uncanny, unutterable, venerable, voluminous, and wonderful accomplishment !!

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da blonds have more fun!


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How awesome. A very wel ldeserved honor for you have fun up in that mansion.

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Sweet, this is so great @jonsblond! All 20,000 is definitely we deserved and you are one of my fave jellies! Cheers to this and the next 20K!

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You all have made my day! Seriously. Thank you so much for the kind words. I admire and respect every person on this thread, so it makes it even more special. :D

Time to pull out the party dress @chyna!

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@jonsblond you admire me….and I’m respected…loll…just kidding my friend! Thank you for the kind words!

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@jonsblond YES! I cannot get enough of that beautiful dress. Any chance to wear it is welcome.

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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I knew something was missing, Thank you much @yamlady! ;)

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It’s a treat to see you cross this threshold, @jonsblond. Your presence here is a bright spot that seems to light up the area around you. I appreciate your warmth and your energy, and I always enjoy your matched pairs of avatars.

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