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How can i test positive for cannabis if i dont touch the stuff?

Asked by aka9515 (23points) July 8th, 2010

i have been discharged from the army after tested positive for cannabis with concentrations greater than 30 nanograms per milliliter, how can this be explayned as im appealing to the army for being wrongfully discharged

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Someone may have fed it to you . . .

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Test could be wrong. Can’t you ask for an immediate retest?

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And welcome to fluther, @aka9515 – sorry about the jokes. It sounds like a serious issue. Maybe Matt and Shilolo can tell you smart stuff. I’ll pass this onto them.

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Were you getting any second-hand smoke?
“Second Hand Marijuana Smoke Positive Tests

In rare circumstances, passive smoking can cause false positives in urine tests, up to 4 days after exposure, although those who passively smoke have noticeably less concentrations in their urine.(6)
There is some controversy over whether the cut-off levels used to detect cannabis in blood and urine tests is too low, leading to a high degree of false positives. If you feel your drug test is false due to passive smoking, then you could demand that the threshold of your test is 65 ng/ml, not the 15 ng/ml of many laboratories. The higher level is thought to distinguish between active and passive smoking. Refer to this page for more detail.”

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thanks for the reply guys, i was tested on a wednesday and the weekend befor i was at home having a drink with freinds who wher rehersing in there sound proofed garage and thay was smoking weed

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This may not be an exact answer for you, but it will give you some idea of how drugs are effecting all of us. if you handle currency a lot or have a large amount of money in your pocket, you will test positive for cocaine on your hands(not in your blood). so much of U.S. currency is now being used for drug transactions, that the residue is on much of the money. once the pot smoking started, you could have left that location.

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Just being in the same area as one pot smoker and breathing in the second hand smoke of pot can make you test positive. If around more people smoking pot, you will test more positive,(higher THC) there’s no other explanation if you aren’t smoking it.

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This might be a stretch, but perhaps they would allow you to take a polygraph to verify your claims. At least to the degree that they would let you take a re-test.

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Some meds may cause a false positive depending on which test.
EMIT may read positive with high doses of Ibuprofin, or anti depressants.

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im still weighting on my forensic report from the army to confirm my story but if they say its not possible then im fucked as this is my only and last means to challenge this outcome. i guess ill find out soon enuf

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@aka9515 Good luck! I have had to give up friends because they wouldn’t stop smoking when I was around. I get random drug tests and won’t risk my career. I will pray for a positive (no pun intended) outcome for you.

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This is too much of a waste lo let go. If you honestly were not smoking then you need to push it and get a retest. Get witnesses -friends willing to testify and they were doing it an not you. That is a true test of friendship.

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@worriedguy I agree. I know in the airlines, they can tell if it was second hand or not. Not sure how they know. The military may not tolerate second hand. Let’s hope they do and he can continue with his military career.

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