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What are 'don't miss' sights to see when travelling around the USA?

Asked by MissCupid (370points) July 8th, 2010

Right! I’m travelling around the USA this summer. I’m starting in New York, then up through New England, to Niagra, Washington DC, Chicago, Wisconsin then across on the I90 through Yellowstone to Seattle, down Highway 101 through San Francisco, LA and then to Vegas. THEN past Grand Canyon then to San Antonio, then New Orleans up to Memphis, back down to Atlanta and then down through Florida hitting Jacksonville, Orlando and Miami.
What should I make sure I check out along the way?!

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As you travel meet up with Fluther people and have a picture snapped. Nothing formal, a picture then head on to your next destination.

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When your in Vegas, definitely go to the top of the stratosphere; its very worth while, and check out the Mix in Mandalay Bay.

Don’t forget the water show at Bellagio.

And La Rev is a great show at the Wynn. Also if you know anyone local to Vegas and if they are with you always ask if there is a local’s discount.

Overall in Vegas, have fun on the strip.

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In Chicago you get an amazing skyline view by simply driving Lake Shore Drive, day or night.

We have dozens of street fests, they are a great way to see the neighborhoods away from the touristy areas.

If concerts or clubs appeal, see the calendars at Time Out Chicago .

Architecture fans come from around the world, just to pick one attraction there’s the Frank Lloyd Wright Studio in adjacent Oak Park.

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Take the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to LA (at least part way if not all). Go to Big Sur….just beautiful.
Once you head from California through the Southwest, make sure that your air conditioning is working in your car and that you are carrying water…lots of it. You have to keep hydrated as the temperatures will often hit 110–120 in the desert.
Visit Santa Fe, New Mexico in the Southwest on your way from the Grand Canyon to Texas.
It’s beautiful, artsy and gorgeous. New Mexico is unique in its blend of ethnic traditions and its stunning landscape. I find it inspiring.

That’s my bit of advice.

Keep a journal…this may well be a journey of a lifetime…and you will want to remember it!

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Take the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to LA (at least part way if not all). Go to Big Sur….just beautiful.

Seconded. If I had to pick just one thing to see, that might be it.

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If you would like to experience some true wilderness and breathtaking scenery, travel a bit north from Wisconsin to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and visit The Porcupine Mountains along the shore of Lake Superior. It’s one of my favorite places in the U.S..

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Everyone skips Austin. Go to the River Walk in San Antonio, then take I35 North to Austin, where you can visit 6th Street and me. Then go to New Orleans.

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Stop in SD to see Mt Rushmore and the Crazy Horse monument. They are not on I-90, but they are well worth the side trip.

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You must go to Taliesin in Spring Green, WI. Frank Lloyd Wright had a house built there that he designed, and it’s gorgeous, in a beautiful natural setting.

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@WestRiverrat don’t worry! That’s on the itinerary! We’re stopping in Rapid City for a night to see those things. Can’t wait!

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If you hit SD the first week of August, expect to share the road with a lot of motorcycles. Sturgis is something everyone should experience, but not until they are adults.

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If you pass through TN (not sure if you are or not) be sure and stop by Cades Cove and the Smokey Mountains.

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You got to go to Jackson Hole, Wy. and have a beer with the cowboys! It is so cool to sit on a saddle at the bar and talk with those guys!

Also, be sure to visit the Wild Bill Cody Museum in Cody, Wy.!

The 17 mile drive along Carmel Bay is the most beautiful 17 miles you ever drive! Enjoy!

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You’re going to see more of the US than I’ve ever seen having lived here my whole life.

Where in New England, just out of curiosity? That’s my neck of the woods.

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Washington, DC., NY City, Pikes Peak/Garden of the Gods, and the Grand Canyon.

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Niagara Falls!!

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Never pass up an opportunity to explore any National Park or National Monument that is even within a hundred miles of your route! I’ve seen two dozen or more and can’t wait to see more!

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Right now, I’d visit the Louisiana coastline; 3 Mile Island; Prince William Sound in Alaska; Martin County, Kentucky; you can go take a swim in the Berkley pit in Butte, MO; or visit any of the many pit mines, oil farms, and other exciting pylons of American culture!

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Even though I’m an Ohioan the upper west cost of Michigan is beautiful. If you don’t go to the Upper Peninsula, driving on the western coast through Petosky is incredible.

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Hit the Grand Tetons since you’re planning on going to Yellowstone (aka Mars on earth).

Climbing half dome is a great quest.

I agree with everyone on Big Sur, and particularly camping at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, if you can get a spot. I would (and have) taken the beach rout the entire distance from Canada to San Diego, popping inland only for Mount Rainier and Crater Lake, which could also serve as a spectacular dot to connect between Yellowstone and California.

Spend some time exploring San Francisco.

Definitely see Ken Burn’s PBS series “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea”, as recon before going to the parks in your trip.

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@sliceswiththings we’re travelling from Boston up through Massachusetts, to Vermont and then back down in to NY via Saratoga Springs. It’s only a small venture in to the north east… too much to cover in 6 weeks – had to make some sacrifices :(

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@BoBo1946 We’re staying a night in Cody before heading to Yellowstone! Ha ha! Also – the Carmel drive is on our itinerary as a friend used to live round that way and recommended it. :)

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We look forward to having y’all in Memphis dahlin’! Here are some recommendations:
* Stay overnight at the Hampton Inn & Suites – Beale Street. It’s located downtown and in easy walking distance of many sites. Clean, comfortable, and friendly staff. Free breakfast, wireless internet access, indoor pool and fitness center.

* Graceland
* National Civil Rights Museum
* Sun Studio
* Peabody Hotel ducks
* Beale Street
* Dinner at the Rendezvous. It’s where all the tourists and celebrities go.

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@Pied_Pfeffer thanks! A lot of the stuff you and the others have suggested is already on our itinerary – which is fantastic! It means we’re on the right track!
We’ve got Graceland, the Peabody and Beale street in our plans but not the other things – so thanks for those! We’ll check them out :)

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