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What kind of talent did you have growing up?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) July 9th, 2010

My church choir did the Sound of Music my senior year. I got to be the head nun who sang “Climb Every Mountain” and play clarinet in a nun suit. My handbell choir played on the Capitol steps and did a commercial for McDonald’s in 78 or so.
Did you tap dance?? a flaming baton??
Fluther’s got Talent!!

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Drawing and painting:)

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My father was a mechanical engineer. He wasn’t much of a father. He spent most of his time at home working at the drafting table. I was very good at reproducing his blueprints. I took three years of drafting in high school. Luckily the domestic violence gene skipped over me.

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Mine was getting away with everything! My mom called it bloody murder!

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Climbing walls in both senses.

Running fast.


Singing and playing several instruments.

Sleeping very little.


Getting my way.

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Football/soccer, I can keepy uppy a football a few thousand times, doesn’t half make your eyes water though, don’t blink. Athletics particularly running.The 800m was my speciality.I bloody hated it though, teacher making me practice after school, grrrrr. Jumping off buildings, yeah I know. The ability to show doe like eyes in order to worm my way out of trouble. Puss “n” Boots eat your heart out.

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At the age of ten, i began tapping on everything in sight, in order to keep a beat with the music i was listening to. at the age of 12, my dad brought home a big paper barrel(pretend drum) to practice on. he saw something in me, that i did not. at the age of 13, i was bought my first set of drums. it was a God-given talent and my parents recognized this. after five different rock and roll bands and backing many famous artists, i guess you could say i was truly blessed. i was and i am.

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-Natural leader
-Foreign language speaker
-Natural competitor
-Animal caretaker
-Amateur model
-Amateur skin consultant
-Natural gossiper

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I was a computer geek growing up, so at that time my talents lay in doing things like making websites, learning basic graphic design, etc. I also started learning Japanese in my mid teens.

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Writing stories, singing, directing my friends in “plays” in the backyard.

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not telling…..personal !

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Gymnastics and other sports
Being good, polite, and quiet

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@Facade uhhh…okay, go with everything but the quiet part! loll

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I was one of the few kids who knew how to play piano, but my true fame arose when I showed the other kids my “bendy thumb.” I could bend my thumb all the way back, flat against my radius bone. Now I’m all old and hardened, lol…

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loll yep, the polite part would be correct ma’am!

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I was always told I was a great letter writer.

(Does anyone remember letters?)

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@Austinlad true!

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athleticism was my God given talent…..jump, run, and could hit the 3 pointer! “Downtown Freddie Brown!”

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I was and still am a cellist, and a competitive dancer.

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We have to get together and jam some day – maybe at the Fluther picnic?

The FlutherBand

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I’ve always been a singer..I’ve won district and state competitions and been in musicals =]

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I wanted to be on Broadway when I was a kid, so I took dance, voice and acting for about 7 years of my life. I was always better at singing, but I could do it all. When I was 14 I decided to stop performing. I’m still a good singer, but my talent for dancing has seriously waned.

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In order of appearance beginning at the age of 3 (my parents wanted over-achievers)
Piano again
Guitar constant for the last 17 years or so
Singing musicals, local variety shows, a couple of bands and a few other things

The rest I think are more abilities than talents so I won’t list them.

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I was kind of brainy and athletic. Nothing really slowed me down. If I was interested in something I pursued it to the best of my ability. I still do actually.

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Singing , dancing, ukelele haha, getting detention, creative writing. Sang brief solo in school graduation ceremony; took acting lessons in jr high, many years in church choir from jr to sr choir (which is probably not a talent)

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@tranquilsea You’re one of the lucky ones. :)

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singing and writing lyrics

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@mYcHeMiCaLrOmAnCe Words here, or it never happened.

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@zenele I don’t want everyone to read them I don’t know if they’re gonna like them

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The former I understand, the latter is irrelevant if you go according to the former.

Should you decide to post some lyrics; start a thread, or join one of the many in fluther’s history. I picked a poetry thread – and posted two of mine, including a song. Personally, I am usually pleasantly surprised by personal lyrics – hey, even Bob Dylan and Paul Simon started out writing in their “basement.”

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some very talented people on the Fluther!

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You may not believe this, but my strongest skill was in verbal and written communication.
I was pretty good on the guitar and as a singer.
I was talented at verbal argumentation.
I was academically gifted.
I socialized well mostly with well educated adults.

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@Dr_Lawrence i certainly can believe it! Believe me, verbal and written communication was definitely not my bag!

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I was always an excellent writer :D I delivered the 5th grade graduation speech, haha. I was always in the “advanced” reading/writing group.

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I was a very talented alto-saxophone player. Gave it up in high school though. sigh

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Same as now, answering questions.

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@ubersiren Thanks :-P Life found a way to knock me about a bit so I didn’t get cocky.

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@jonsblond go to a pawn shop….and get another sax…...have some fun. You in??

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@jazmina88 I still have my sax! We had it fixed so my oldest son could use it in middle school. He played just as well as I did, if not better. He quit in high school too. sigh I’ll never get rid of the thing. Ever. I’m in!

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I’ll start workin on my clarinet…...with ya.

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@jazmina88 I started with clarinet. So did my husband. haha :)

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I was kind of a whiz kid in elementary/middle school. I finished most assignments/tests really quickly and aced most everything. I’m still a decent student, but I don’t excel head and shoulders above my peers like I used to. I got used to not working very hard in school, so now I’m a relatively lazy student. I blame my school’s lack of any sort of accelerated program.

I also studied maps as a kid, and I could tell you where just about any country was and what its capital was. Most of that knowledge has faded though.

In fact, now that I think of it, my current self sucks compared to my child self.

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I was good at remembering things I didn’t need to remember. Such random crap haunts me to this day.

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Between the ages of about 4 and 9, I was a serious cartoonist. Funny I happened across this question today—a friend and I were talking about that. I got away from it and toy with the idea of getting back into it…

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