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Do Fluther folks get together for parties?

Asked by anartist (14779points) July 9th, 2010

I looked at the pix on Fluther’s Photobucket site and saw a lot that looked like they were at gatherings. Are there actual physical person gatherings? When and where? Or impromptu?

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I think there have been some mini-get-togethers.

I have not met any jellies in person but would lurve too – sadly I think I’m the only one from Boston (or at least one of very few).

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Ahhh….good idea, as @cprevite, i’ve never met any jellies. Also, my home is on the far side of civilization!

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I believe these meetings are called Fluther salons and the latest one was in SF like yesterday.

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I’m sure they do.

but my chronic halitosis prevents me from ever being invited

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What if someone just picked a restaurant, day and time and whoever showed up, showed up. It would be fun to guess who’s who. Attendees would wear either something with the light blue fluther color or a jelly image.
Even if you were the only attendee you’d still get a nice dinner out of it.
Announce it here for your town and see who shows up.

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I was supposed to meet up with another jelly tonight. Sadly, I had to cancel.

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Any Jellies in (or near) southern Alberta? I know @Faye is in Alberta somewhere.

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is there a yearly do in SanFran

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It should be in KY… of jellies!!!!! a massive fluther lurve in.

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You are all cordially invited to Jerusalem.

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@zenele on my bucket list my friend!

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@BoBo1946 You, my buddy, are personally invited and I shall give you the VIP tour.

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@zenele Like the one Arik took? ;-)

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@zenele sounds like a winner my friend!

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Aside from the very new Salon get-togethers, there haven’t been any official Fluther meet-ups. Some of us have taken the initiative to meet folks who live (or travel) in our areas, though.

Some of the pictures you mention have me in them. I’ve met up with McBealer twice. The second time was at a going away party her real-life friends threw for her, and I got to meet her fiance, forestGeek, that time.

You’re in the DC area, right? There might be a mid-atlantic mini meet-up in Sept/Oct pretty close to you. PM me!

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THERE WILL BE A FLUTHER WEDDING SOON. Okay. Maybe in like two years. I mean, get togethers? With other Jellies? Ewwwwwww.

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