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Identify 5 things that you would want accomplished by Obama as president, without using the words HOPE, CHANGE, or BUSH.

Asked by khelms01 (148points) March 19th, 2008 from iPhone


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1. Raising taxes, cutting government programs, or some combination thereof, so that the budget is balanced and we start to pay down the federal deficit.

2. Killing the H1B visa program for technological workers. When large companies say “There aren’t enough technical workers!” what they mean is “There aren’t enough technical workers stupid enough to work for what we want to pay!”

3. Putting together a serious, credible plan with measurable intermediate objectives for getting us out of Iraq and leaving behind a stable, self-governing country or countries where Iraq used to be.

4. Eliminating “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” Truman had the backbone to tell the armed forces that segregation based on race was wrong, and would not be the policy in the armed forces; Clinton, unfortunately, was too wishy-washy, and just transformed the problem.

5. Invest research money in alternative energy research.

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Dems cut govt. programs/spending?
That will never happen.

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1. Return freedoms taken from us due to “the War on Terror”.

2. Fix or pull the plug on No Child Left Behind.

3. Give tax breaks to corporations that use and/or develop viable alternative energy sources and reduce their impact on the environment.

4. Something else that my brain doesn’t feel like coming up with right now.

5. Refuse to pardon any prior members of government for their actions during their tenure.

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quit quit quit quit quit

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2. unite
3. rebuild
4. update

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1. Lower taxes
2. Cut spending, I mean really cut it where it goes down. The government now proposes increases and then lowers the amount alloted form the original proposal and calls it a cut even though the actual amount of spending goes up.
3. Eliminate about 90% of the regulations on people and business.
4. End affirmative action
5. Get the government out of health care altogether.

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I’m with trainerboy…

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@trainerboy: what happens to poor people? children whose parents don’t have very good educations? just wondering.
Your Item 2 very well put, made me laugh.

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What happens to them now? They become dependent on a government program and a belief that they are incapable. They pass that along to their children. Good question. What has been happening to the poor?

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True trainer.

I guess I don’t understand “poor” either. If I didn’t work 70 hours a week, I would be “poor” too. If I hadn’t borrowed $60,000 to go to college and work my ass off for 4 years, I would be “poor”.

And as far as being “incapable” goes, I have had 2 heart attacks, both while in college, and have had Crohn’s disease for almost 9 years. Giving up was never an option.

I have no sympathy for the “poor”. My father a grocery store manager, born in 1928 and fought in WWII, was the son of a share-cropper (seriously), his father was a high school janitor. These guys were never given anything but some ambition.

I guess I still believe that you get what you work for. I am far from rich, but I am even farther from lazy.

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the only isue I have with that is the age of “poor”. At a certain age kids are still kids. There is a section of the “poor” who are “poor” not because they choose not do anything about it but because they are children, to young to be able to do anything about it. They are the ones I feel bad for. Its the single greatest commitment anyone can make, in my opinion, and its made by some with no more thought than an extra drink or a “just this once nothing will happen.” Makes me fucking sick.

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Bri L, I do get what you are saying. However, to shift the cycle, we must acknowledge that the welfare state perpetuates exactly what you are talking about..To break tht cycle, some painful measures must be taken or it will get worse, not better.

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Well trainer, what painful measures will break the cycle without actually killing people?

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this country needs to get back to people having individual responsiblity for themselves instead of looking for a hand out from the govt to solve their problems.

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1. DRILL DRILL DRILL – We need oil yesterday and the sooner we drill the sooner we see relief!
2. Seal the border – At least give the illegals a challenge to get across and use our kids social security!
3. Cut taxes across the board
4. Freeze spending – If not reduce spending.

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