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Anyone have a good recipe featuring garbanzo beans?

Asked by marinelife (62266points) July 9th, 2010

I made chicken curry the other day and used ½ a can of garbanzo beans.

I am looking for something to do with the other ½ can.

Any ideas?

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Hummus is a delicious and nutritious dip that goes well with pita bread. :) That’s what I use mine for.

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I think I’ve had them cold in salads.

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Add them to a box of Rice o Roni wild rice mix, stir in some diced carrots and minced cilantro. Top a bowl of the stuff with some grilled meat or fish.

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They look like chick peas. Under the premise that things taste like they look, perhaps fry them with some bacon, spinach, garlic and eat with pasta?

Something like this but with them instead.

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@Ame_Evil – Garbanzos are another word for chick peas. Same with chi-chi beans – they’re all the same thing.

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Soup—chicken broth, grated carrots, can of diced tomatoes, sauteed fresh spinach, garbanzo beans. A little thyme, garlic powder, red pepper flakes. Yum. Sauteed spinach takes on the consistency of a wonton noodle in your mouth.

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I’m one of those that likes the bean salad scene. lol

Garbanzos, kidney beans, green beans, wax beans, onions and a vinagarette dressing.

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I make a nice bean stew with chickpeas, kidney beans, potatoes and tomato paste and chili powder.

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I keep looking at this and wishing I had some garbonzo beans in the pantry to make what @PandoraBoxx wrote.

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I sautee them with garlic and onion in olive oil, add sliced chorizo, a tin of good Italian whole plum tomatoes, some capers, a mix of good olives and some Louisiana style hot sauce, and simmer them until they are tender.

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this may sound so odd but sometimes, when i don’t have much fresh food in the house, i’ll put canned chickpeas together with red onion and canned black olives and make a red wine vinegar and oregano, s+p dressing… or sometimes just chickpeas with (or without shredded carrots) with blue cheese or ranch dressing… maybe i’m weird, i like it though.

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Make falafel, that is very good!

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I like them in salad, as someone mentioned above.

Also, you can put them in bean salad, like a “three bean salad.” I use chickpeas, kidney beans, celery, red wine vinegar (some people use apple cider vinegar), olive oil a little sugar and salt. I eat it as a snack, on salads, or as a side dish. It’s not really three beans obviously, but if you google three bean salad you’ll get recipes for it. I kind of do it a little of this a little of that, so I can’t really give you measurements.

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Another vote for salad. Or make a necklace.

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I’ll probably put them in a salad too. I’ve never used can ones though. I buy the dried ones and sprout them in a bean sprouter, then put them in salads. Now that’s delicious. :D

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Make hummus. (Add extra garlic.)

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For something a little different, try roasting them Roasted chickpeas

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“Espinaca con Garbanzos”

You need garbanzos

First, fry the carbanzos with garlic, then add up the spinach. All according to your taste.


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Want to see the Guinness record-breaking bowl of hummus and get some garbonzo recipes too? Sure you do. :)

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@laureth – some of them sound really good! I recently watched a show about Turkey and the way the street vendors prepare the hummus is nothing like what I eat out of the little tub or make myself. It was hot and looked so good. Made me want to travel to Turkey.

Thanks for sharing.

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Great headline!

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